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    1. Axel990
      There is something I don't get with DOTM. The NEST team has been shut down, right? So now the U.S. Military is using the Autobots to eliminate threats more closer to home like terrorists, rather than Decepticons? Thats a little brash, isn't it? It's like WWII when the U.S. was the only nation with the atomic bomb.
    2. Primewave
      No problem
    3. Primewave
      You posted them a while back
    4. Primewave
      Thanks for the friend request and my first fan trailer is almost done
    5. Primewave
      I was just wondering. But do you know if they are for sale at places like Wal mart? I really want that Shockwave banner to hang on my wall about my Shockwave toy
    6. Primewave
      since you got the posters and banners from your theater, think you can post them on ebay?
    7. Axel990
      My only hope is that the toys previewed at Botcon won't take too long to be released, you know? We are gonna be starting Wave 4 of the Deluxe toys soon, and I'm hoping to buy some new goodies by the time DOTM is in theatres.
    8. Axel990
      Well, lets pray every night before the Hasbro presentation at Botcon that we get something that we want.
    9. Axel990
      Its official. Hasbro needs to do one of two things. Either A) make a new mold for a Deluxe Jazz which is smaller and Mech-Tech compatible, or B) make a new mold for a Voyager Ratchet. I just put my DOTM Ratchet next to TF1 Jazz and I don't like seeing Ratchet be the smallest.
    10. Axel990
      Nevermind, it was combined into yours I see.
    11. Axel990
      So I had a thread exactly like the one you made regarding Wheeljack, and its gone?
    12. Anguirus
      It just popped in my head! 5 minutes on Google and GIMP later...

      I'm funny about comics. I mostly only get trades that have decent reviews. Recently I've read Green Lantern Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War, Agent Orange, and Blackest Night. Guess I'm prepping for the new movie. Most of my comics are Batman (which the gf likes too), Transformers, and a few Ultimate Spider-Man.

      And yes Larfleeze pretty much swaggered off with the book in Agent Orange and Blackest Night. He's brilliantly uncomplicated.
    13. moreprimeland
    14. moreprimeland
      Okie dokie..but if you should get more posters..or someone leaves b4 claiming theirs?? I used to have a friend who managed a video store..but you know, those died, so I can't seem to snag posters these days..if you can, that would be great.. :D
    15. Axel990
      All I'm saying is that Nelson is really starting to piss me off...
    16. Axel990
      Yea, I saw. All I was looking to do was flash my new signature.
    17. Axel990
      Where is the thread where I can channel my rage towards Nelson's statement on Mirage not being Mirage?
    18. transformervic1
      Thanks for the request man!
    19. Axel990
      Mhm, I personally wish his sword was a bit longer, the cannon arm as a lil bit more posable, and that with the arms, you didn't have the side with the screws showing on the front. Kinda seems tacky imo. But thats just be. I'll talking to later dude.
    20. Axel990
      Nice dude, what do you think of him?
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