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Jul 12, 2021
    1. bigkid78
      you a deer hunter?
    2. bigkid78
      where you from man?
    3. Axel990
      I finally did it....I finally got a news credit...
    4. Axel990
      I'd like to know your opinion on this matter: DLX Soundwave. Vote on the poll and state how you feel.
    5. Axel990
      The wait for the movie is killing me badly now because its final few weeks. That and I want DLX Mirage and Wheeljack1
    6. Axel990
      I have to make a sig that reflects all the big discussions people keep making regarding DOTM. The Twins, Mirage, and now Barricade.
    7. Axel990
      Actually, with a little more off the back, I think it'll work perfectly. So to that video I say:

    8. Axel990
      So, I'm trying to modify ROTF Bumblebee's head to replace DOTM Bumblebee's head. If you ever decide to do this, prepare for a heft amount of filing.
    9. Freyabeads
      They said they take it down when they expect high server activity. Search is a workhorse and with all the BotCon posts and blogging they didn't want to take chances of crashing the site.
    10. arcee101
      Wanna start a team scout/warrior?
    11. Axel990
      I hate how Nelson start saying everyone is "envious" of him. Yea, I wish I could spread a bunch of false information around the TF community and become the most despised person in Transformers history.
    12. Axel990
      I see you are checking out Nelson's latest hell storm. The Ferrari is now called Dino, and the Mercedes-benz E550 is now called Que, again..
    13. Axel990
      Thanks for the video, man. I have to say, [SPOILER]
    14. Primewave
      I have FINALLY finished it
    15. Primewave
      I am putting the finishing touches on it. Use the 3D trailer as a template and changed some scenes
    16. Primewave
      Adding transitions like Earth Goes Dark
    17. Primewave
      I need your advice on a fan trailer I am making. I've finished it but I moved and cut some scenes that sound weird when transitioned, do you think I should add the dates or transitions to it like black screens?
    18. Axel990
      Had a funny dream last night. I was at a local store, and they had a tiny DOTM toy section, so I took a look. There was a peculiar Cyberverse toy who's alternate form was a like a plane from WWII with the front propeller. I looked on the back and the robot form, oddly enough, was Shockwave's Driller pet. I was stoked to have it, despite its size, figured it'd go great with Legends Ravage and Cyberverse Hatchet. And then I woke up. It sucked ass..
    19. Axel990
      Well, I'm officially on sleep mode for collecting. I bought all the DOTM toys currently available that I wanted. Waiting on Cyberverse Hatchet though. I also picked up toys I missed out on months ago that I still needed to get (HA Frenzy and Chromia, as well as Supreme Devastator :D). Now I wait for Dark of the Moon to be released in theatres and new toys to hit the shelves.
    20. Excelsior Prime
      Excelsior Prime
      Hey EP09,

      Are you really digging the DCU reboot? I'm not sure about it yet. I know it's not a total reboot (apparently major GL events like SC, Blackest Night, and Brightest Day are still canon) but Jim Lee on designs...ugh. Not a good start.
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