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    1. eagc7
    2. eagc7
      i know, but they can help anyway :)

      Maybe, but dont think it would make sense, i am pretty sure Sam would've know that it wasnt destroyed earlier before the events of dotm took place
    3. eagc7
      the comics explain how he managed to work with the Fallen and Sentinel and what happened to the missing characters, in the matrix case, in the original scripts and in the novels for ROTF it was planned to show that the Matrix was never destroyed when prime blew up of the machine, said scene was cut from the movie as we know, but the fact it was in dotm proves that the deleted scene still happened within the canon of the movie
    4. eagc7
      in ROTF Case blame it to the writers strike :P, but we have the comics which can bridge some gaps and fix plot holes, whatever or not thei're canon they can help.

      well from what i know Hasbro and Paramount wanted a sequel and not a reboot
    5. eagc7

      but bay does have a point as sometimes other directors could cause greater continuity errors, like example lets say X-Men Origins and First Class caused greater plot holes for the original trilogy despite the fact they are prequels to the trilogy
    6. eagc7
      I remember hearing that the only way Bay could make "Pain&Gain" is by also accepting to do TF4. Can anyone confirm this?
      Maybe or maybe not, but in an interview he said, while he was working on the 3D Ride, he started to remember the fun he had doing TF movies, and wanted to give the franchise another shot, plus he even feared if he was replaced, maybe the next director would mess up his movie continuity
    7. eagc7
    8. eagc7
      yep it is :p

      and why
    9. eagc7
      im fine :), just checking some Marvel news, u?
    10. eagc7
      hey :9, it been a while
    11. SoundwaveFanboy
      Doing good man.
    12. SoundwaveFanboy
      Watsup man hows it going?
    13. amproadbuster88
      I'll just say a lot of stuff, don't wanna talk about it really lol, trying too get over it all.
    14. amproadbuster88
      Eh I've been okay, not the best.
    15. amproadbuster88
      Hey! Long time no talk too haha. How ya been?
    16. SoundwaveFanboy
      The Predator is one of my favorite Monster characters ever!hes so awesome!
    17. Starscream217
      Yeah man haha I've been a fan since i was 6 years old. I love Alien too though :D
    18. Starscream217
      Predator is my favourite movie monster...Awesome
    19. SoundwaveFanboy
      Dude thanks for accepting my friend request cool avatar im a huge fan of the predator my self :thumbs2:
    20. TylerMirage
      :lol Yes, they do. But honestly, with all of the people who point out said 'moments' in the Transformers trilogy, it's honestly opened my eyes to the EXACT SAME THINGS in countless TV shows, movies and so on. No joke. "Coincidences", "conveniences", etc.. Things that happen "just to get the plot moving" are present, whether it's in Transformers, NCIS, Avengers, TFP.
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