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Optimistically realistic., from Fanghorn

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Apr 23, 2024 at 6:23 PM
    1. GoLion
      " You should do that and stop posting" You make me laugh sometimes.
      1. edgs2099
        Man, sometimes...sometimes, I just don't know.
        Mar 24, 2018
    2. Treadshot 2.0
      Treadshot 2.0
      hey I heard you were in the market for the IF datsun bros, blaster, and overlord... talk to me.
    3. MrNiceGuy
      funny guy
      dunno about realistic
      My god, your sig's hysterical. I showed it to my TR Sixshot, and he laughed . . . creepily. I'm afraid to sleep, now. I hear sounds of tiny footsteps, pacing back and forth. And demented chuckles.
    5. Venixion
      will do. thank you. :)
    6. Venixion
      Where is the dinosaur and guy in glasses picture from in your signature? I'm guessing it's a comic. Makes me laugh everytime I see it.
    7. Starscream Gaga
      Starscream Gaga
      I think everyone's noticed that, lol.
    8. GoLion
      Fair enough. Thanks for hearing me out. You have my respect. :)
    9. GoLion
      Oh, and I'm not doing this to "make fun" or "call you out" I think you're a respectable person that has some great posts. You're insightful and well intended, but there are times were you just seem to slyly shit all over someone for, essentially, writing something that you don't agree with. Oh, and I wouldn't send you these message if I didn't think you were better than this silliness.
    10. edgs2099
      I understand what you're saying, I do, but getting called out for acting stupid is pretty much the only way to get across to someone that they are acting stupid. There are several examples on this board of younger gents that come in acting like fools a year ago, getting called on their shit, and now actually post things that don't sound ridiculous, and are even funny.

      Nothing I've ever pointed at him has been vicious, or at least has never been intended to be. You do however make a good point. Not everyone is a well adjusted human being as you, myself, and most people are.

      I honestly do appreciate the reminder that we're all humans (most of us) on the other side of these monitors.
    11. GoLion
      About me? No, and if it was I wouldn't care. I know its aimed at thunderhoof. He's a dopey kid. I just... is it worth constantly shitting on him? Again, typically I think you're funny as hell, and I wasn't trying to aim any of that stuff at you specifically. The guy just seems to get shit on a lot. I feel bad for him.

      And if you want to aim the ire at me, go for it. I'm a well adjusted adult, I can handle it. I just worry that as a kid Thunderhoof might do something drastic. To himself, or god forbid someone else. It doesn't take much for a kid to lash out, especially if he feels bullied.
    12. GoLion
      I'm not saying it applies to you, but it does come across as slightly neck beardish.
      Lets look at some of the characteristic associated with the term.
      -inflated, hollow self esteem
      -will laugh at things that arent very funny

      Do you not get it? When you do what you do, this is how it comes across, and yes, I know you and yours think it's funny to make fun of others for their lack of... whatever it is you seem to think they lack, but really, it's not funny and speaks more to you than them. Again, I'm not aiming this your way, it's just something I've noticed from a segment of this board.

      And to be specific, I know you're not that way. It's just, at times, It comes across that way, and if you're offended by what I wrote, I apologize. It's truly not my intention to come at you like that.
    13. GoLion
      You guys just make these declaring statements if you're some how the abator of good posts. What's wrong with people writing what they want? None of you have ever been able to answer what a shit post is, well, besides something you disagree with. Don't get me wrong, I can see some of what you guys are complaining about, but at most, it comes across as really elitist and holier than thou.
    14. GoLion
      Hey, you guys can get your shit post justice division back together. That's always a good thing. or not.
    15. Mechafire
    16. GoLion
      Evidence please.
    17. Starscream Gaga
      Starscream Gaga
      He's just the worst...
    18. ParaChomp
      Same here. It's always a joy to read every now and again.
    19. ParaChomp
      As I thought so. Obviously I am a fan so I'm so glad that IDW is now publishing Robo.
    20. ParaChomp
      You a fan of Atomic Robo too?
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