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Feb 7, 2016
Jul 23, 2009
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Feb 7, 2016
    1. G1 Warpath
      G1 Warpath
      Hey Ecto, did you manage to get internet at your new place?
    2. ectoneon
      Wasnt me. I was in big rapids today, but not at the movie theater
    3. T4mercustomz
      hey was that you in big rapids at the movie theater today?
    4. Biotoakid
      Back with a permanent internet source, only to find your comic is temporarily over? And you moved? a year and a half offline for me and I missed a buncha stuff . Hope you start again
    5. Hype1
      Ecto!!!! What up dude!!!!
    6. einis
      yo! What happened? Haven't received a pm since monday.
    7. f-primusunicron
      sorry about the cuestion but
      how did you get off jolt's head? i cant get out mine
      by the way reading ripoffs anonymous XD
    8. Karhukjnsi
      Yo! For the 'Con, what figure is going to be representing you?
    9. Hype1
      What up dude, I FINALLY posted an update...nowhere near as long as I wanted but I had to make the call to post now or wait another couple weeks, lol
    10. Keith Prime
      Keith Prime
      Let's see how this works: I think it will alert you like a PM...

      Update 19: Wrecked & Rules was posted yesterday. Along w/ the links to both the Omake, & the true reason behind the long delay of update 18.
    11. Rubber Ducky
      Rubber Ducky
      Plz check out my comic would like to know what to inprove for more views
    12. einis
      check neca thread ,dude!
    13. Hype1
      Hey dude, check the lastest update...used a couple of the shots you sent! Thanks a ton again, and be ready for me to harass, uh, I mean ask you for more real soon, lol
    14. einis
      Merry Christmas! :)
    15. einis
      me too...almost
    16. einis
      i dn't think I'll buy anymore pcc apart from undertow :lol
      I don't like them too much
    17. einis
      personally I think pcc lacks some articulation in combined mode
      I only have bombshock
      he is cool .
    18. ectoneon
      Lol, I have this with powercore too, and I only got the two pack guys. They were cool at first, but then I didn't care after a few days. Been thinking about picking up a 5-pack just to check it out, but I'm unsure wich one to get.
    19. einis
      lol.I had this too. I was so looking for pcc bombshock ,but when I got :'s not like it is a bad figure ,but lack of articulation (especialy in elbows) and that drone transformation (isn't as cool as I expected ) makes me think "why the hell I bought it".I just can't get into it
    20. einis
      yea.good thing for ebay :lol

      also I think I won't get that bb.but I'm not sure yet.I wanted it for a few days ,but today I just don't know.kinda weird,huh.well ,I'm still not sure
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