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May 6, 2006
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Hi Judgement Prime, no i don't think I've seen that message yet... Nov 23, 2018

echotransformer was last seen:
Dec 11, 2019 at 6:47 PM
    1. echotransformer
      No...I_should_have one, but I don't. Some day, I hope...
    2. CodeXCDM
      Hm... do you have an outside page for these things... like personal website, facebook, twitter, etc?

      Anyway... keep up the fantastic work. That Bruticus is really something else now.
    3. echotransformer
      Thanks for the feedback, wow that's a lot of kits!!! Once it's ready I'll be sure to let everyone know!!!
    4. Orionpax1977
      Hello pal, I want to congrats you, your work it´s amazing!!!!, when you got the Upgrade for the Bruticus FOC, let me know please, I want 6 of them!!!! Thanks so much
    5. echotransformer
      Hmm, interesting ideas AmonDemon112, I'll consider that. If you get a chance check out the FOC Grimlock parts being made by LOD Workshop/Encline, they are gonna satisfy your #1 request for sure!
    6. AmonDemon112
      hey there, I have two GREAT ideas for you!
      1: do a g1-style clip chest for foc Grimlock, im going to be taking a junker g1 Grimlock and using its chest for mine
      2: do a custom pieces of g1 Shockwave (like G1 head, blaster to replace its left hand, and clip on chest) to use on converting foc Grimlock! seeing that foc GRimlock would be a perfect foundation for an ultimate voyager version of g1 Shockwave for those of us who love the g1 Shockwave, but want a TRUE voyager size version of it :)
    7. pumpkingonzo
      Hercules was very good to begin with, your parts make it even better!
      Wonderful fit, all the parts. Very clever. One happy customer:)
    8. echotransformer
      Thanks! So glad you like them. :)
    9. pumpkingonzo
      Your Hercules add on bits I got from Shapeways were outstanding!
      Highly recommended:)
    10. echotransformer
      Thanks. I haven't announced pricing or release date...the good news is the second wave prototypes arrive soon. Initially it will be from Shapeways unpainted. The most up to date info will be posted in my Radicons thread.

      Thanks for the interest.
    11. lilmac
      That add on for Bruticus is so cool. How much will it cost and where can I purchase? I'm assuming it will be unpainted? I have the Takara version. Let me know. Keep up the great work!
    12. echotransformer
      Yes. At this time they are in testing; however, if the revised kit turns out well I will make it available on Shapeways AND continue to look for ways to produce it.

      Thanks, Echo
    13. skywarp82
      Will the FOC Bruticus upgrade parts be available for purchase?
    14. echotransformer
      Last time I checked Shapeways wouldn't offer this as an option and I contacted them with no luck, but I'll try again as that was a couple months ago.
    15. grimlockgravez
      Would you think about allowing more colors for the hercules mod?
      Example. Black or... Don't remember if they have it but... black polished?
    16. echotransformer
      Sorry about that, fixed. :)
    17. aledromo
      I just paid but your inbox is full. Please send me a message when you have space so I can give you my address.
    18. echotransformer
      Thanks so much, Mirage! I'll compare it to mine. It looks like the variation is just enough to make yours loose...
    19. Mirage775
      Echo, I replied to your topic, with a pic of Hooks' crane hole.
    20. G.I.EDDIE
      They look great man...thanks for the shout out :)
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