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Hi Judgement Prime, no i don't think I've seen that message yet... Nov 23, 2018

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Jul 13, 2020 at 6:03 PM
    1. echotransformer
      Hi Judgement Prime, no i don't think I've seen that message yet...
    2. Judgement prime
      Judgement prime
      Yo echo. You've seen my request for the dinoking/Monstructor. I will try and make the add ons made of Lego to help you get the idea
    3. echotransformer
      Thanks and great to hear! Always draw ideas 1st! Mockup using stuff like plasticine, paper, Lego. I recommend Parametric CAD like Alibre 3D.
    4. My BaLl JoInTs ArE lOoSe
      My BaLl JoInTs ArE lOoSe
      Hey echotransformer. Your impressive work has inspired me to try and design some stuff in CAD as well. What software would you recommend to a beginner who wants to design transformers.
    5. echotransformer
      I've hardly sold any of them, but at least some brave souls purchased it! Thanks for the kind wishes and the message...
    6. echotransformer
      HI Sentienl Lynx, yeah unfortunately it never saw mass production, but indeed I managed to put it up on Shapeways (with very minimal markup)
    7. Sentinel Lynx
      Sentinel Lynx
      Yo dude, I've been watching your Ruination kit for a while now and was wondering if it's been released yet. I've heard rumors that it has been cancelled but just wanted to make sure, as that thing looks terrific. Any input?

      Edit: I just clicked on the Shapeways tab provided by a member in the Ruination kit announcement post and now feel really stupid. Good luck on your future kits, man!
    8. Boy Blunder
    9. MarinerPrime
      Any word on if you may offer your CW Legends Groove Trailer on shapeways?
    10. echotransformer
      Sorry ma70er, no news...I wish there was, if I hear something I'll be sure to post on my Facebook page...I had heard test shots were coming around CNY but so far hopefully tooling is made but I still have no idea when these will show up.
    11. ma70er
      Any news with regards to your Trailcutter/Hoist upgrade? Hopefully these are still coming.

      Thanks for the great work!
    12. echotransformer
      Congrats! Bring on DOOM!!!
    13. Anti-Venom
      So I built my PC and am loving it :)
    14. Anti-Venom
      I'll definitely be getting a strap. Thanks for the boost of confidence man!
    15. echotransformer
      I have built a couple PCs before, they are easier now a days, worth getting an esd strap just for piece of mind. Ensure you use any recommended thermal paste, etc. Most parts include everything you need. It's fun and you save money and get exactly what you are going to love it good luck!
    16. Anti-Venom
      Did you build your own PC?
      This is my first time building a PC and I am nervous X_X
    17. echotransformer
      Sorry for the full inbox Anti-Venom...fixed now, thanks for the reply I understand. Good luck on the gaming PC, hope games like Battlefront (?) run super-smooth! I love PC gaming also, I typically do simracing games with a full wheel/shifter/clutch setup.
    18. Anti-Venom
      Your inbox is full so I'll just leave this here.
      Thank you for the quick reply!
      I am going to have to pass for now. I am still interested in the items, but I am not the type to jerk a seller around. I am currently building a gaming PC and can't really pull the trigger on this deal ( which is pretty awesome btw) at this moment.

      If the items are still available in the future when I get some funds I will contact you again. Thanks again man.
    19. AmonDemon112
      Sorry just finally noticing your reply. Glad to hear! It's looking really good! Figured he should look into it before someone in China does it for him! Which is a very likely thing to happen, especially with Shapeways projects
    20. echotransformer
      Yep, it's a great project I've posted and am following and would gladly help if needed...but it will be up to him to decide if he wants mass production because it is a long and very difficult journey.
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