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Jun 2, 2022
Dec 14, 2004
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Easterling Capt

I am Vern Schillinger, Male, 42

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Jun 2, 2022
    1. WEEGEE
      I swear I've seen you before.
    2. GoLion
      ... You scare me.
    3. Galvatron Rage
      Galvatron Rage
      Alright...I gotta know.

      What does Scott McNeil like?!
    4. Superquad7
      Hey dude, sorry to hear of the breakup. I'm here for you if you need to vent or whatever. Always just a visitor message or a pm away, dude.

      I wish you all of the very best :)
    5. Gordon_4
      As you're a man in the know, I'd like to pick your brain:

      In the event that Marijuana was legalised, regulated, taxed and sold through approved retailers such as Cigarettes, would it remain a gateway drug?
    6. chrisr291
      LOL, I even commented in your thread. Yep, your set up looks amazing! How long did it take you to snatch up all that stuff?

      Ideally, I dunno if I'm going to venture into season 3. I might pick up a few but I want to stay close to the early Diaclone/Microchange look. I like season 3 but I hate how some of those figures are bloated looking.
    7. chrisr291
      BTW, how long ago did you buy all your stuff? I'm new to the MIB game so I'm kinda wondering how much I should pay for stuff. Right now, I'm after the original cast only. I MIGHT go further but as of now, the original set will work for me.
    8. chrisr291
      So what does your G1 collection look like? Sounds like you have a ton of great stuff!
    9. Transfan2
      no probs man, glad to be of service
      I know, I just wanted to show my appreication/gratefulness and thanks (also) for letting me take your pic too. :)

    10. Easterling Capt
      Easterling Capt
      no probs man, glad to be of service :D
    11. Transfan2
      Thanks For The Clench/Colossus, Easterling Capt.

      -TF2 ^^
    12. Transfan2
      Hey Easterling Capt,
      (I am/Me at) Sheraton Hotel so I am wondering where you want to meet me before Botcon is over so I can pick up Clench.


      (Botcon 2011)
    13. Transfan2
      Hey Easterling Capt,
      Just want to tell you that I got your message and will read it/reply to it as soon as I can.

      Didn't want to be rude,
    14. Superquad7
      Hey man, you said that the Seacons are very common where you are, right? I'm looking to complete mine, and I'm looking for quite a few pieces. If you could check my want list and pm me, I'd REALLY appreciate it :) Thanks in advance!
    15. $shockwave$
      Who doesn't I am this close to buying the toy.
    16. $shockwave$
      So did you get Easterling from LOTR?
    17. Transfan2
      Hey EC,
      Seems I have a bit of an issue with Reprolabels doing the Battle Gaia Sticker Sheets (Repros).

      Check your collection thread for more details.

    18. Transfan2
      Thanks for your reply and I did contact Reprolabels about it.

      Hopefully they reply soon.

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    Aug 27, 1981 (Age: 42)


    Oz - one of the greatest shows made. To all those actors that made that show possible. Thx