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Jun 7, 2009
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TF Movieverse fan, Male, 28, from Guatemala

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Jun 4, 2023 at 3:47 PM
    1. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      i gotta Spitfire sig
    2. Kylehudson14
      :eek: Thats cool
    3. optimegatron
      I like Bot Shots. They're cute as hell.
    4. brawl569
      That is true, I think its time for him to turn into Galvatron! If he does turn into Galvatron I want him to turn into a bad ass stealth bomber! Oh he needs to be fearless and the autobots need to fear him. Unlike the other main villains!
    5. TylerMirage
      RE : Stark Tower : Sure.

      RE : Sam : Doesn't matter to me.

      RE : Time Slips : Mm-hmm.
    6. prowler13
      So how you sleeping at night, good I hope. :)

      Since you finished the TF game are you playing anything else now?
    7. brawl569
      What villian do you want to see in transformers 4?
    8. optimegatron
      Oh, hi there.
      Uh, what TF line? There's pretty much every single line around the corner.
      I cannot WAIT for that Generations Shockwave, and JAZZ!
    9. brawl569
      I think its because I'm abit of a shockwave fan boy :P
    10. prowler13
      God it's horrible. I fall asleep on the couch around 10 and then my husband wakes me up to go upstairs. Once I'm in bed I'm not comfortable and I can't go back to sleep. Then I'm always waking up early and not feeling rested. It sucks. Not like I have time to rest either. I've got to get everyone ready and stuff in the morning.
    11. prowler13
      I've had a long stretch of sleepless nights. I'm sick of it.
    12. prowler13
      Man I wish I was still asleep. I'm really tired today. It's one of those days when I can't wake up.
    13. prowler13
      I guess today's the day I get my little Oliver. I really want to change the name but no one likes the ones I pick so I guess were stuck with it. He's just not an Oliver to me.

      So what are you doing today?
    14. brawl569
      Oh right then, thanks for that. Although I think we all would of prefered if Shockwave was the main villain! :)
    15. Lady Owl
      Lady Owl
      Both. I set my DVR to record it on the Hub in HD, but because my boyfriend is in Canada and can only watch it on youtube right now, I wait to watch it the first time together with him. Then later I watch it again on the DVR with my dad.
    16. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      well my mom both grandmas and step mom know it but my dad isnt very good at seeing something behind his back however my autistic brain craves his approval badly and it tears at me :(
    17. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      im also going to have to go to my dads later today for a week, i may not be able to get on a computer so ill miss ya :cry hes a real jerk if i ever told him i was a brony he might try to disown me (im an extremely big dissapointment to him) :(
    18. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      wait just forget about Blurrz he isnt a decepticon in my postponed story(:wink:)
    19. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      autobot symbols for Knock Out and decepticon for Blurrz
    20. Purple Heart
      Purple Heart
      just bought my first reprolabels kit
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