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    1. rattraprules98
      If season 2 does happen, it shall be grand.
    2. rattraprules98
      That's a DAMN GOOD signature.
    3. DJW107PRIME
      Merry Christmas!
    4. hrothgars
      Sorry, I meant to send that as a PM. :)
    5. hrothgars
      Hey, bud. Walmarts should be getting these on the floor in the next few days (if not tonight). You should keep your eyes peeled. I got a Piledriver out of a case straight off the bottom of a pallet tonight. They had the green Madame fig, the white Spidey, and the mohawk Daken. No Thunderballs.

      My wants list over at ToyArk is here: hrothgars wants list - Toy Discussion at Toyark.com

      CnC Exchanges is here: C&C DCUC Collect & Connect Exchange - Toy Discussion at Toyark.com

      I am always looking for those items and can pay cash or Paypal.

      Thanks, bud.
    6. ComicGuy89
      The Korean Isis Megazord doesn't have shiny eyes, it's simply a sticker (and not holographic like the USA one). I actually bought that very Isis Megazord. It has all the functionality of the original, but the poorer plastic quality was a bit disappointing, especially since Sentai and Power Rangers toys are known for being as solid as rock. They also removed a lot of the chrome, but I don't mind that (not a fan of chrome :D).
    7. ComicGuy89
      Hey, as promised, here's what a Bandai China Thundersaurus Megazord/Abarenoh looks like:

      Power Rangers Dino Thunder DX THUNDERSAURUS MEGAZORD | eBay

      Take special note of the packaging and the contents, as well as the description.

      Just for more information, here's a Bandai Korea Isis Megazord:

      Power Rangers Wild force dx Isis Gao Icarus Megazord | eBay

      The easiest way to spot the differences is by looking at the characters. Bandai China uses Chinese, Bandai Korea uses Korean, etc.
    8. Shizuka
      Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger = THE BEST SENTAI SERIES EVER!!!
    9. CLDavi
      Did you ever get that Shinken-oh toy from HeroInJapan.com? I would like to know because I am interested in getting one from there, due to its availablity there and its price.
    10. epicbeardman
      Transformers collection vs. basement flood|Collecticon dot org
    11. DWN013
      Dude I am so bored now that my 360 red ringed, I might just have to start reading the manga...
    12. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Dude, is that pic of Nami in your sig real, or fan-art?
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