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    1. Thatsjustkreo67
      Could I get a link to your eBay account?
    2. DarkPrinceofKaon
      Yo Dudicus, loved your contribution to Trailbreaker77's custom sigs for us. Good to see everyone who got involved in its development wearing it with pride. Hope you scored what you wanted from HTS this year. It was good chattin' with ya' and hopefully I will see more of ya' on the boards.
    3. Sideways77
      It'll be kinda dumb, but eh.
    4. Sideways77
      Yeah, I guess. I wish the Slenderman wasn't so invincible, though. That's why in my series, he'll have a weakness...
    5. Sideways77
      Don't give me ideas...
    6. Sideways77
      People are starting to use guns in Slender series' now, it's weird.

      First TribeTwelve, then DarkHarvest, now Marble Hornets.
    7. Sideways77
      I will when I try to upload the second.

      You don't know if he's dead.
    8. Sideways77
      It's the 4 Proxies. They're possessed by his kind. Also, it's started, but the first update is normal.

      Somewhat. Jay got fucked up, man.
    9. Sideways77
      One Nazi escaped, and hid out here in Oregon. He did the ceremonies himself, and continued bringing SM back for the last 20 years. But when he saw that SM would only bring harm to the world, he tried to reason with him, but Slendy repaid him by killing him and unleashing more of his kind into our world. (The Proxies in my series)

      They possessed people up until today, where a small group was possessed. That would be them.

      A little history lesson. And giving Slenderman a character and reason to be around.
    10. Sideways77
      In my series, the Slenderman is a guy with a mission. See, (in my series) he comes from a dimension that's completely blank. Grey. Nothing. His world USE to be thriving with color, but issues caused it to go dark. So he tears a hole into our dimension to be with the color, nature, all that. But he was only brought here by accident thanks to Hitler. But it was a brief event, due to it being a small ceremony. (The bigger the ceremony, the longer the stay)

      Slenderman communicated with Hitler, and motivated him to cause a westward expansion to he can spread his influence and manipulate everyone in his path to become Proxies, so they can bring him back for a longer period of time. But Hitler lost, and Slenderman was sent back to his bleak dimension.
    11. Sideways77
      Yep. Tossing my hat in the ring, I guess. I mean, I predict it'll be on a WhisperedFaith/NotCaughSleeping level. I don't expect it to reach Marble Hornets/TribeTwleve/EverymanHYBRID levels of popularity.

      It'll be a different series, if you want me to go on.
    12. Sideways77
      It's kinda confusing.

      I'll make it easier to explain in my series.
    13. Sideways77
      How he became Mr. Scars. I always assumed Mr. Scars was a spirit-like force and possessed Milo's dead body.
    14. Sideways77

      I still don't quite understand the whole Milo/Mr. Scars thing, though.
    15. Sideways77
      Nuts, man. Just that moment of "Here's some news for you, mom. I'M Mr. Scars!" was awesome.
    16. Sideways77
      TribeTwelve is the BEST Slender Series.

      Glad to meet another fan.
    17. RisingPhoenix86
      Nope just crap lately. If I do ill make sure to let you know.
    18. RisingPhoenix86
      Hey, Im from Washington too. Vancouver to be exact.
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