May 23, 2008
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    1. kaliaticus
      Hey buddy! Let's talk business.
    2. Layzerd
      Its all good man. Hope you're doing well...
    3. Layzerd
      Yeah I agree with you on the MP RA and SS. I looked at them but they're too much like the G1 versions I had. They are a pass.

      Hey I sent you a text. Hope I still have your # right. Just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy 4th of July!
    4. Layzerd
      I went back but he was gone. I'll order it later...i'm gearing up for MP Soundwave! Excited about that!
    5. Layzerd
      hey man! Hope you're doing well. Just thought I'd give you a shout and see what happening!
    6. Layzerd
      What up man!?!? Damn I hated that BotCon ended...but thanks for showing me around and for the experience!
    7. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Thanks I'll sort some money out then ask them.
    8. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Would you be prepared to hook me up with the middleman and give many any yahoo buying tips as I'd really like to get some exclusive Microns (especially the oddly coloured Prime ones that were repainted PCC Minicons). but i'd prefer to not pay $50.00 each for them like on ebay.
    9. Sinestro
      Thanks for the free bump for my thread the other day :)
    10. Ethereal
      Your box is full! Sent the remaining payment, keep me posted! :) And yes, please check them for anything missing before shipping. Thanks again!
    11. Nemesis251
      I have tried to PM you but your message box is full. I'm still interested.
    12. Necro Prime
      Necro Prime
      Thanx for the feedback on those picks!
    13. smokejumper
      just dropping by to say hello. u hooked me up with some goodies. u r the nice guy.
    14. smokey420
      I just wanted to let you know payment for skywarp was made please let me know when you will ship thank you
    15. wasp819
      PMed you the other day bro
    16. Big Filipino
      Big Filipino
      Sup dude, was going through my profile and saw your name so I thought I'd drop you a line. Hope all is well.
    17. Demonss
      sorry for the delay.. with my jacked up hand I was at the doctors over the weekend. I went to the post office last night and mailed your package.. Unfortuantely no DC number, the only way I could add DC was to step up to priority which woulda cost $6
    18. Demonss
      Hey there.. I found the feet and ankles.. I don't know where the screws are.. still need them?
    19. Demonss
      No man unfortunately thus far I still haven't seen them. I'm thinking my wife put them somewhere when I probably left them on the counter, I'll continue looking.. My dremel charger is also missing so i'm looking all over the place for and the parts.
    20. Demonss
      I've definitely go the head for sale, I'm looking for the bag I put the inner bits for him. It's somewhere.. But the head I've got it's in my box of parts..
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