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    1. Shonuff
      Clear out your Pm's bro.
    2. Autobreadticon
      Heya got word that you might have some Antex mini-cars for sale? lmk if you do , cheers
    3. CURAMEN
      Hey Bro... Clear some message space so I can send you a reply. :thumb
    4. ArceeMe
      hey , it says i cant message u untill u delete emails in ur inbox ^^ could u plz do so , cause i would like to go ahead with our transaction sir! ^^ Thank you!
    5. brr-icy
      thank you sir, i really enjoyed taking that pic and the alt mode version :)
    6. SWAGE66
      I'm waiting on a reply from one of the places you pointed me to - if I can get a deal to work out, you and I need to discuss a finder's fee or something. You may have saved me years of waiting and searching.
    7. Yggdrasil
      Also I think you can find almost all of the comics on ComiXology so that saves you some time.

      Happy reading! :D
    8. Yggdrasil
      IDW currently has two running universes the ReGeneration 1 which continues the US Marvel stories and their own continuity. So yes to answer you question all of the things I listed are in the one countinuity which is basicaly a re-imagining of the G1 universe.

      The simple reason is that you can get REALLY confused if you read it in a chronological order because there are a lot of plots are designed to work in the non chronological/release order. Plus a lot of spotlights tend to have their timeline all over the place like Ultra magnus starts in the past, yet it finishes in the present as a prelude to Escalation. That sort of thing.

      This is also another great reading order for the pre-ongoing issues: IDW Reading Order - The Allspark Forums

      So yeah just use either that or mine and you should be good.

      I honestly don't know that Autocracy Prelude. Could be bonus material or something
    9. Yggdrasil
      Then we go back to the ongoing part that is worth readin and that the #19 - #23, especially the issue #22 and #23 as again those are some of the best issues ever printed out and as they surve future purpose.

      After those there's the reast of the ongoing series going from #24 - #31 which again goes back to being pretty bad.

      And then we get to the ones that all of us are raving about. You need to read the The Death of Optimus Prime one shot which then continues More Then Meets The Eye #1 after which there is a split and you have the two ongoing comics More Than Meets The Eye and Robots in Disguise that are currently ongoing and both are phenomenal!

      So yeah that's the IDW reading order the way I like it :) Hope it helped
    10. Yggdrasil
      Then you get to the truly bad The Transformers series. I really don't recommend reading this you're better off reading the summaries on wikipedia but if you want to read it the order is

      #1 - #6, then the Bumblebee mini series, after which there's the Last Stand of the Wreckers (which is a MUST READ as it's one of the best TF comic ever made).

      Then you go for the #7 - #18 after which you go for the Ironhide mini (which is not bad but not good either).

      Then there's the two issue Infestation crossover which again is pretty bad and the APSOLUTE WORST PIECE OF SHIT that is Heart of Darkness. Just don't read it. Just don't. Use the tfwiki or something. (cont.)
    11. Yggdrasil
      After those you have the Maximum Dinobots. Then there are spotlight that are kinda skipable like Blurr, Jazz and Cliffjumper and then there are the important ones Drift and Metroplex.

      After those I like to read Megatron Origin and Autocracy where you see some of the background of the war on Cybertron before they all came to earth.

      hen there's the All Hail Megatron series after which you have the Prowl spotligh and the Drift mini series. (cont.)
    12. Yggdrasil
      Either. Both. Each seems to have its diehard fans. I'm looking to start at the beginning and read through the penultimate G1 comic series; whichever one that is
      Well I don't know Marvel anymore that goo as I read it a long time ago.

      If you want to read the IDW stuff the reading order I found to work best for people is this:

      Start of with Infiltration. From there you read the Spotlights Shockwave, Nightbeat, Hot Rod, Sixshot, Ultra Magnus and Soundwave.

      Then you read Stormbringer. After that you continue into Escalation.

      After Escalation there are more spotlight and the order is Kup, Galvatron, Optimus Prime, Ramjet, Blaster and Arcee.

      Then you go into Devastation. After which you go for the spotlight (see the pattern here :D ) Mirage, Grimlock, Wheelie, Cyclonus, Hardhead, Doubledealer and Sideswipe. (cont.)
    13. Nope
      They're so cute! Sorta chibi. I didn't know one could paint decoys.
      I thought you might want to see these classic customs from BotCon a long time ago.

      Dave's Transformers Painting Projects - Decoys
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