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Aug 18, 2023
Sep 25, 2007
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Dr. Prime

Dr. Prime, Male, from Arizona

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Aug 18, 2023
    1. Blasterpill
      Thoughts on Devastation?
    2. mc8383
      Thanks for getting back to me but I might be getting Uranos plus the wing set for $400 shipped, just waiting to here back.That's all the money I have for now. So without insulting you, unless you can sell the 5 figures for $350 shipped so I have enough left to buy the wings set then I gotta keep shoppin. Thanks either way.
    3. mc8383
      Did u ever sell your Uranos?
    4. rodimusprime2007
      Pmd about sdcc set
    5. NICKBOT
    6. Seven Will Fall
      Seven Will Fall
      Hey Dr. Prime,could I please get on the Hot Spot list also? Thank you
    7. TrueNomadSkies
      Sounds like a plan. :)
    8. TrueNomadSkies
      I've been pretty busy as well (I started a new job a couple months back that I'm just now getting into the swing of things with), but its all good, and the occasional hunting helps. I actually just picked up a DOTM voyager Shockwave that Ive been playing with, and why I waited so long on this is beyond me.

      Then as far as the GDO stuff goes, I haven't seen any of those yet, but there've been sightings a few hours from where I live, so I'm expecting to see em soon too. Don't think I'll be getting any for myself (nothing against the figures, but their heads just look strange to me & I think the only one I'll be into is the Lazerbeak scout), but I'm on the lookout for a couple of people, so just poke me if there's one you're after. The main things I'm waiting for are the voyager Dreadwing & botshots Lockdown, but I'm sure they'll appear shortly. :)
    9. TrueNomadSkies
    10. Blasterpill
      So how many people attend the meet ups now. Do u have a name for these meetings that would stick out. And also is this the only site that talks about the meetings?
    11. Blasterpill
      Want to see this turn into convention! How do u find the promotion/or spon. U need?
    12. Mattw38
      I'm sorry, guys..if I am posting too much on the boards, it's just that I never used the 'multiquote' before, and figuring out how to do it takes getting used to.
    13. NICKBOT
      He's been on fire lately. Posting WAY too much.
    14. NICKBOT
      You're too nice Doc. Stop feeding the troll. ;)
    15. Sinstroke
      Rotf ravage 10 for one or both?
    16. Matty
      BREAKING NEWS: Tebow is a New York Jet!
    17. Matty
      You saw it happen in Denver, probably on a lesser scale though. I personally feel it'd hamper Sanchez's improvement. He has too much potential to have Tebow chants in his helmet when he's trying to throw.
    18. Matty
      :lol Did you see what Cromartie said yesterday?

      We don't need Tebow. We sell out every home game let him go to Jacksonville Tampa or Miami. Our wildcat offense can b ran by J. Kerley or Joe McKnight we straight
      It's just a mess waiting to happen!
    19. Matty
      I'm the say way man. Sometimes it's just impossible to resist and jump into the fire. Obviously though, we have a lot of board members that should be running Hasbro :crazy:
    20. Matty
      Dude ... this Bumblebee shit is ridiculous.
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