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Mar 11, 2017
May 30, 2013
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Dr. Killinger

Plastic Surgeon

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Mar 11, 2017
    1. Galvatron197
      Dr. you having issues with facebook again?
    2. KamenRiderWaspinator
      So a year ago one of the legs on my UT Siegfried broke, the leg pulled it's self from the gear in the crotch. I glued it back and just left him in combine mode, today I tried messing with him and the glue work came undone. Saw you had some replacement parts for him and was wondering if you still had some
    3. deceptiGOD
      Hey Dr. K do you happen to have any more of the GCI New Heads and Null Rays for Igear's Raptor Squad. Not sure how I missed these. Wll gladly take all 3 if you have them.

      Thank you
    4. deceptiGOD
      Hey Dr. K do you happen to have any more of the GCI New Heads and Null Rays for Igear's Raptor Squad. Not sure how I missed these. Will gladly take all 3 if you have them.

      Thank you
    5. Tracytron
      How do I order the (no pun intended) talons upgrade set for talon? Also could u redo the hands for feral Rex? They aren't fully articulated it just gives him claws
    6. the oaf
      the oaf
      Hi there,
      I put in a pre-order for the Gulper figure, but the website is down and the Facebook page hasn't been updated in a while.

      Please can you let us know what is happening?

      Many thanks,
    7. CosmaTron
      Hello Dr.,

      Curious to know how busy you are these days. Any room for some misc paint app projects.

      Hope all is well,

    8. firedemon3
      Hi Dr. K, I just wanted to check if the Feral Rex talons, claws, and swords were still being worked on as I put in a preorder for the second run on most of these at the time.
    9. FallenRainDrops
      do you still have the warbotron bruticus ratchets for sale? i'd like a pair
    10. Fallout
      badass. thanks bud.
    11. Fallout
      is it just able to be transform with the hood as the chest?
    12. Fallout
      hey bud, love your mods on warbotron swindle. any walkthrough for the chest transformation mod?
    13. pumpkingonzo
      Good to hear :) I'm enjoying your work mate!! Great to see.
      I've got a few bits on ebay, then a few commissions. MP seekers, Animated figures and MP cars so a bit of a mixture. Life is good, and I'm enjoying my painting so I'm happy :)
    14. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      How are things?
    15. Revancon
      Love your work, i'll keep an eye on your FB for updates on the swords, and future projects.
    16. pjcosentino
      I believe my son just bid and won a G2 custom Grimlock on ebay. However the images don't show the G2 sticker Were you this seller just now? Or is someone copying your pics claiming to be you. It sold super cheap which seems odd as well. Just want to confirm sorry.
    17. Edric
      Hi Dr. K, I'm new to the sight and would like to purchase your Feral Rex claws but know how! Can you let me know at [email protected]
    18. MECHATRON1
      Hi Dr. K. I have the second release Hegemon and am interested in your services to paint him up to look like the silver painted Hegemon you've posted in the boards. If you can give me a quote, payment and delivery terms, what your work includes and if possible turnaround time based on your availability, I would greatly appreciate it.

      Thanks and I look forward to working with you.
    19. Annyong25
      Hi Dr, eagerly waiting your reply on my previous request for all 5 parts. Hope to hear from you soon.
    20. Annyong25
      Hi Dr, I have followed your threads at tfw2005 and would like to purchase the below FR customized parts. They look fantastic and would love to work out a special deal/rate for it.

      Black talon, claws, back canon, extended wing and head.

      I am residing in Singapore so can you work out the pricing for the above 5 items? Hope to hear from you soon.
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