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    1. MegamusPrime
      Hey, man what's up? Nice to see somebody else from Pensacola on here.
    2. BeeOtch217
      Here it is:
      TRANSFORMERS 4: AGE OF EXTINCTION - Official "Payoff" Trailer #2 (2014) [HD] - YouTube
    3. eagc7
      this is Iron Man 3 villian

      Mandarin - Marvel Comics Database
    4. Lady Autocon
      Lady Autocon
      Thats cool ^^ Hey do you have AIM?
    5. Lady Autocon
      Lady Autocon
      Hey!! ^^ How are you?
    6. Lady Autocon
      Lady Autocon
      ^^ Ah well I listen to some rap. I grew up with it soooo yeeeeah. I listen to anything that amuses me or anything that isn't an Illuminati spell. I dare to be creepy and weird XDDDDDD
    7. Lady Autocon
      Lady Autocon
      Yep yep, The old Nightwish is waaaaay better but the new one is alright I like some of their newer songs. I LOVE Sirenia!!! I can't choose my favorite song by WT because I love them all XDDDDD But Enter was awesome. I just started with like 3 of Battlelore's songs and they are good haven't listen to a lot yet though. ^^ Glad to know a fellow gothic metal fan!!!! Some say that I am weird for liking it or It's creepy but I can't see why? lol.
    8. Lady Autocon
      Lady Autocon
      Really? ^^ I really like Nightwish and Within Temptation. Recently I've started to like Battlelore. Oh and even if it is a german band, E nomine is pretty good too, Its like hearing TFA Megs sing. XDDDDDDD What are your favorites?
    9. Lady Autocon
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