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    1. ironjazz
      Your avatar is so cool.The GTR looks lovely in that colour.
    2. wasp819
      dude, Im still racking my brains as to who it was in January who offered me fansproject assaulter,
      don't suppose it was you?
      or if you have him and maybe other fansproject goodies for sale/trade
      hope to hear soon..
    3. DarthTyrant
      Sorry my friend I thought it was FOC Sideswipe you were selling not the MP version, my bad.Hope you get what you want for it.
      Cheer's man...
    4. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Was unable to get a transfer with Tesco so i'm gonna be without a job for the first time in 6 years in 2 weeks, but it means i'll have weekends to myself for the first time in 6 years as well. Still hoping to get some part time work while i'm at Plymouth as i always feel happier when i have money coming in.
      Have you considered applying for the job again in the branch you wanted to work in - or if you feel you can do it one better than the the one you currently have.

      I did stumble across a site on the net once in a google search for something else that tells you how to fill out the application forms with a eye to a particular job role - all those questions they ask you about being a team player etc..

      If you have a Lidel of Aldi in your area they pay very well I find especially on Sundays. Also did you think about Tesco Express or simialr smaller stores too ?
    5. netkid
      What is that Ultron pic from?
    6. Red leader
      Red leader
      all of them :) Loki should be going up next week then whatever else is next which hopefully should be Iron Man, I say hopefully because I need it! lol
    7. Red leader
      Red leader
      Hello bud, yes thanks, arrived Sat, well chuffed with Megs especially, got him standing next to my Rage Over Cybertron version, sorry inbox is full :) how ya been
    8. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Sorry to hear your MP11 was messed up! What was the issue on the wing?
    9. darkunor
      hey dude thinking of getting the new mp starscream, is it any good, qc issues and all, please state?
    10. Bumblebee765
      Nice signature picture!
    11. Vince
      Hey man, what piece of art is your sig from?
    12. Falconhood
      Thanx! found it...looks very gundam...or something, but looks great!
    13. Falconhood
      i like what i see of your avatar, but there a bigger picture? who is it? looks very cool!
    14. 46+2
      Thanks man.
    15. 46+2
      any chance of a windcharger? If you bump into 1, let me know.
    16. 46+2
      where did you get the gun for WFC prime?
    17. legolas grof
      legolas grof
      add me on wfc pc my username is legolasgrof
    18. PHANTASM
      hey dkreed wats up man
    19. NexusZero
      Yeah, I always liked Thundercracker, just because you know he's smarter than everyone else but just shuts up anyway.
    20. NexusZero
      What about the other seekers?

      << Old school!
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