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Apr 16, 2024 at 2:58 AM
Jun 6, 2004
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I will collect until I am one with the Matrix, from Arizona

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Apr 16, 2024 at 2:58 AM
    1. OptimusMegatro
      I'm sorry I dont know how to direct message you. I mostly just read these forums occasionally and have only just hit reply a few times publicly to some of the topics. I just clicked djjetstorm and typed my message and then clicked post. If you can send me any links to direct message you or any links to your unicron wings and seperation products. I'd be soo greatful. Thanks
    2. djjetstorm
      I’ll try again when I get home and on a real Pc. Can you message me direct though. I don’t even know what we are chatting in right now.
    3. OptimusMegatro
      Hi. I'm new to this HASLAB UNICRON 3D UPGRADE KIT post. I'm a little confused. Are you and Geekgirl one and the same? Are you both selling this kit and are both of your versions the same? Thanks for any info you can give to clarify this. I'm very interested in trying to get one. Thanks.
      1. djjetstorm
        We are not the same people. We collaborated to make the digital download kit available because Geekgirls original design needed a lot of work.

        So I used their measurements and redesigned the whole thing.

        I have preorders back up so if you want a set you can get it from my Etsy shop while supplies last.

        I will post that on the thread.
        Sep 20, 2021
      2. OptimusMegatro
        Thanks soooo much for the info. I really hope I can get my hands on one of these. Any chance you can send a reply comment with the Etsy links to both the seperator and the wings so I can not only find the pages but also so I can keep refreshing them. I want to try to get them before they sell out for good. Thanks. 'Till All Are One...Transform And Roll Out!
        Sep 20, 2021
    4. OptimusMegatro
      Love this Unicron Separator Upgrade Kit. I really would like to get one. Can you please send me a reply if it is ever available...if i can get it i would also like to get your new wings upgrade kit for this too. Thanks so much.
    5. djjetstorm
      Working on the Planet Upgrade.
    6. djjetstorm
      Currently working on cool stuff. Follow me on Facebook
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