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May 28, 2011
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Aug 30, 2011
    1. Moy
      I'm not going to watch anymore tv spots, but can you tell me what you saw in the new one you posted? (all hail tv spots)
    2. MTME
      Dude I warned you once already but you went and did it again. I'm trying to help you out really, but the threads about posting the plot of the movie, come on you KNOW there are 5,000 theads about that already and did you think no one out there already knew everything you posted? Please Please Please dude for your own safety and future on this board SEARCH FIRST or better yet just LOOK
    3. MTME
      dude I know you are new so first welcome to the boards. Second you've ticked off a lot of people already. You need to read the forum and see what has already been posted. You;ve posted a lot of stuff calling it new and wow when its stuff we've known about for a while AND it is discussed in multiple other threads already. Please try to do better or your first step is going to be a wrong one here.
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