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Jazzy Jazz

Wow it's been so long... My toy stories are gone for good... Sorry... I do miss them from time to time... Hope everyone is doing well! Oct 13, 2018

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Jan 17, 2019
    1. diwong
      Wow it's been so long... My toy stories are gone for good... Sorry... I do miss them from time to time... Hope everyone is doing well!
    2. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade
      Unfortunately, he didn't leave a note and my grandma said he didn't show any signs that he was suicidal, so we'll never know why he did it. I had my days where I was depressed, but thankfully I've had such wonderful support from my family, co-workers and friends here on TFW to help me get through the grieving process. And despite the loss of my grandpa, my family managed to have a good holiday season together. I want to make the most of 2015, so I'm looking forward to doing all the things I want to set out to do. *Returns hugs* :)
    3. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade
      Hello, Happy New Year! Yep, I had a name change not too long ago. :) I'm doing pretty well, despite the fact I lost my grandpa last month (he committed suicide while my grandma was out shopping). For me, I have a bunch of goals/plans this year -- going to try and learn how to sew/knit 1:12 scale clothes for my Busou Shinki figures, lose some weight, go away on a trip, etc. I hope to see you posting more updates to your toy story soon! =)
    4. Fez Findie
      Fez Findie
      About that translation thing...

      ... Is it possible to zoom in better into the text, 'cos you'd be surprised at how little can mean in kanji -_-;

      I still make no promises, but yeah.
    5. biscuits
    6. biscuits
      hey how ya doin?
    7. jetfire4321
      so your also a jazz lover and whats animated jazz singing
    8. jetfire1970
      Become a fan on my Transformers Facebook page:
      Trans-Rouse Unlimited | Facebook
    9. biscuits
      updated ma comic
    10. biscuits
      Yep movie jazz is avalible but he is the final battle version.
    11. biscuits
      i have updated my comic and am now trying to find a transformer for u to be. if u want u can be classics inferno, movie brawl, cybertron/animated soundwave, movie 1 prime or any others u can think just ask and i will see if i have them. (stares at ur profile pic and wants mini coke bottles)
    12. biscuits
      well some random magazines/ catologs come through and they have mini stuff....although i wont get mini stuff until i have Takara MP Grimlock.
    13. biscuits
      Keep up the good work on ur awesome comic mate! oh yeah just looked to the top of the screen and saw ur pic. Jazz (i think) with mini coca cola bottle's! u have so much cool mini stuff thats in scale with TF's. i wouldnt mind a mini drum kit myself!
    14. Attacker_Prime
      There might be some, but yours is still an awesome one with extra win :thumb
    15. Attacker_Prime
      You're welcome, your comics are really awesome! :thumb And thanks for the friend invite!
    16. Lock Cade
      Lock Cade
      Thanks! :D
    17. Nagi-Oki
      Cool, feel free to watch me be silly here too.^^
    18. Z.U.D.O.N
      Oh wow. That's great! Will go there when I have time. Thanks for sharing with me ;)
    19. jetfire1970
      Hey, what's up? I saw yer comics on FLIKR. Crazy stuff...
    20. Z.U.D.O.N
      Hi! :) Errr... Get the image codes from your photo-upload website, then post them just like posting a comment. I'm sure in that website there's a way to get the image codes. They would look like this:


      Hope this helps.
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