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Mar 13, 2015
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Mar 13, 2015
    1. Segor
      Hi Dila, I hope you're ok, we miss you around here.
    2. Eric
      Dila? You still around?
    3. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Just want to leave a message here in case you ever browse these messages, but Happy Holidays Mr. DilaZirk and I hope you are doing well. :)
    4. Eric
      Hey, you still there?
    5. Purple Heart
    6. supernova222
      hey man, i just saw these sick screencaps you had of tidal wave from the TF armada game on some thread. how the hell did u get those. they are the best pics from the game i've ever seen.
    7. TrueNomadSkies
      I like your avatar, yep.
    8. Transfan327
      twilight: i'm sorry. my magic has no effect on evil. :,(
      Rainbow: twi you do know..
      Applejack: wait for it.....
      Twilight: oh wait! GUYS!!!
    9. Transfan327
      everybody: OMG NIGHTMARE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      luna: face hoof
    10. DilaZirK
      Hmm, for me it isn't. But if you're not at all bothered by that entire missing chunk, then yeah, it's a steal.
    11. Transfan327
      everything that makes the back of the truck. still, is it a good deal?
    12. Transfan327
      hey, um got a question.

      is it a good deal that i got a loose RID prime thats missing everything for $1.50?
    13. Inikalord
      Yeah, I'm still surprised myself. The first chapter alone raked in about 25 reviews in about 2 days or so when I first put it online.
    14. Inikalord
      I'm currently in the process of writing between a Naruto and Dragonball Z fics. So far, my Naruto fic has about 3 chapters and 100 reviews so far while my DBZ fic only has about 1 chapter and 15 reviews so far.

      In total, I have about 6 fics under my wing, 2 which are oneshots, a sequal to a oneshot which is on indefinite hiatus (Probably gonna put it up for adoption), a cancelled story which has the first chapter online and the rest I mentioned to you earlier.
    15. Inikalord
      I've been doing alright myself. School holidays for me are coming to a near end and I've enjoyed them. Been spending most of my time on FanFiction.net reading and writing a few fics here and there.
    16. Inikalord
      Dila! How are things going on your end?
    17. Transfan327
    18. Transfan327
      i was talking about power master prime. he's old so i called him old-man prime
    19. Transfan327
      you know what would be a TOTAL dick move for old-man prime to do? have him go 'sentinal prime' on them, and like right at the end he's like, "just kidding everyone"
    20. Transquito
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