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Mar 23, 2009
Oct 22, 2007
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Deviant Anomaly

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Mar 23, 2009
    1. Dremare
      Who? I'm sorry, I'm not so knowledgeable in movie stars & stuff like that.
    2. Deviant Anomaly
      Deviant Anomaly
      Is it that obvious? Yeah, there's just a wee bit of lusting for Mister Downey going on. :D

      Ah. I thought you meant fan vids, but there is so much stuff on YouTube that its hard to know anymore.
    3. Razorbeast
      Hmm, I wonder if DA has a crush on Robert Downey Jr.?
    4. Razorbeast
      Fan-vids "P
    5. Deviant Anomaly
      Deviant Anomaly
      When you say TF: Animated vids, are you talking about episodes of the show or fan-made stuff? I DVR the show every weekend. :)
    6. Razorbeast
      DA, you should watch some TF: Animated vids on youtube sometime.
      I would recommned RandomDCEs' videos
    7. Deviant Anomaly
      Deviant Anomaly
      LOL. Sometimes its good. I don't watch it on a regular basis. Just when there are hosts that interest me. :)
    8. Razorbeast
      SNL makes the world go round lol
    9. Deviant Anomaly
      Deviant Anomaly
      No, unfortunately I missed it. Didn't know it was on until almost an hour into it. However Steve Carell is going to be hosting this coming Saturday and I've already got the DVR set for that. :D
    10. Razorbeast
      DA, did you see SNL with Shia Labeouf last Saturday?
    11. Razorbeast
      Sorry, accidental link :P
    12. Deviant Anomaly
      Deviant Anomaly
      Thanks, but I have a link to it already. Only watched it once so far. That's why I can't remember how the scene goes. :lol
    13. Razorbeast
      DA do you want me to send you a link for a trailer I found on youtube?
      It is hilarious!!
    14. Deviant Anomaly
      Deviant Anomaly
      :lol Razorbeast and I are talking about the new Get Smart movie. You should google it. :)
    15. Dremare
      Gah, my brain!!! It burns!!! Nothing makes sense to me here!!
    16. Deviant Anomaly
      Deviant Anomaly
      I thought he said "Neither of us is dead, so its obvious I'm from Control." I remember at some point he totally blunders it. :lol
    17. Razorbeast
      I'll refresh your memory LOL

      How do i know you're not from control?

      If I were control, you'd already be dead.

      If you were control YOU'D already be dead.

      Neither of us is dead, so it's obvious I'm not from control.
    18. Deviant Anomaly
      Deviant Anomaly
      Dropshot: Unfortunately I haven't seen LP in concert yet. They're always part of a large tour and it seems rather silly buy a ticket when I don't intend to stay for all the bands. I didn't realize they contributed to the TF soundtrack until I saw the movie. I heard What I've Done beforehand though on Minutes To Midnight. :)

      Razorbeast: Crap. I've forgotten how the rest of it goes. :lol
    19. Razorbeast
      If you were control YOU'D already be dead ;)
    20. Dropshot
      They are my favorite band too. When I heard they were involved in the Transformers movie because they asked to be part of it was like a dream come true. I hope their tour visit Latin America soon.
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