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Master Chief

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Apr 11, 2010
    1. Mini-Bot
      No need. I just saw him in the store they other day, and I'm not really interested in him. Thanks anyway though. :D
    2. AkatsukiFan
    3. jackets
    4. JTMitchell87
      Out of ROTF:
      Leader Optimus
      Voyager Starscream, Long Haul, Mixmaster, The Fallen.
      Deluxe Ravage, Skids, Mudflap, Sideswipe, Sideways. Possibly Rampage for his gimicky centaur mode.
    5. JTMitchell87
      It all comes down to which you want to be honest. If you were a Beast Wars fan, get some from that line. If you like what's going to be the easiest to get (ROTF, possibly Animated/Universe) go with that.

      It's always good to start with the figures you know you want, then branch out from there.
    6. jackets
      hey if u can be any transformers who would it be?
    7. Mini-Bot
      Hmmmm I may have to consider him. Of course, I've never seen one around here.
    8. Mini-Bot
      If you get Leader Jetfire tell me how he is. I've been sort of thinking about getting him, but no pictures have really sold me on him.
    9. Mini-Bot
      Right now Voyager Long Haul, Legends Fallen, Human Alliance Barricade and Leader Screamer when it comes out. I'm also thinking heavily about getting Leader Class Optimus Prime, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet. Hopefully he'll go on sale soon. How about you?
    10. Devastator1995
      Masterpiece Megatron or an XBox 360 with Halo 3 ODST? Please help me decide.
    11. Mini-Bot
      Mine is sadly a piece of crap, to say the least. He's VERY flimsy and his arm keep falling off randomly. I must have had bad luck with him, as he's one of the only ROTF toys that does that to me.
    12. Mini-Bot
      I love his vehicle mode myself, but his robot mode is just blah to me. Congrats on getting him though. :D
    13. Deceptigirl
      Sound's great ^^
      Well i love chocolate-cakes.
    14. Mini-Bot
      Hello! Thank you. ^^ I didn't get Animated Blackout because he isn't out yet sadly. But I did get ROTF Grindor. :D

      How have you been?
    15. jackets
    16. swampert123
    17. Kevinisprime
      Sure. I already have a definite altmode for Autotread, but otherwise, altmode wise they're up in the air! I'll send you a message on how I want them to look!
    18. Kevinisprime
      Sure, dude! I need some help with some designing of characters, it'd be pretty helpful to me.
    19. Kevinisprime
      I plan to do it, I just need to draw up some concept arts for the characters.
    20. Mini-Bot
      When I first saw the blurry, not so awesome picture of him, I was kind of like "no way"! Now that I've seen awesome pictures of him, I'm sold. ^^ I sure hope he and the other Animated figures come out soon.
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