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Apr 1, 2024
Jan 28, 2009
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Apr 1, 2024
    1. Moriamur
      Still as far as yesterday. I can only work on the customs during the weekend when my parents are gone... But am currently thinking out something for Wreck-Gar to turn into Motormaster, or more precisely how to transform him into a torso mode... Along with connectors for the shoulders

      And no problem, am looking forward to seeing the Raiden WIP thread man
    2. Moriamur
      Hey man, just figured to drop in, and say that I really love the work you have done so far on your Trainbots customs... And am wondering on how you are doing with said Raiden custom
    3. Tyler Doom
      Tyler Doom
      i love your work good member
    4. Starscreamer95
      Nice user name
    5. Oric
      Odd request but one I was told might be good to try here, woud you happen to have a junker mp-04 or can you fashion a piece for me? I am trying to get my hands on something so rediculously small but cant seem to find this anywhere.

      I am looking for a set of 'cab lights' like from the front of the truck that will either match pristinely or simply replace them with something authentic. I dont need the entire fist covering just the light assembly that glues into it. Please PM me if you can help in some way.
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