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The Christian Transfan, Male, 25

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Viewing thread Redwing, thanks to being hard to get, I made one., Jan 24, 2020 at 5:14 PM
    1. Tyjos
      It just happens, just like everything else that goes on now these days...

      Good thing I just keep going, all I can do for sure.

      But I recharge and keep on going.

      Haven't had a full meltdown yet that has turned me into a complete mental wreck...might have burst into flames here and I got things well in hand for the moment.

      Recharged at the moment for sure, slept a good 6 hours or so this afternoon...thanks to Star Trek TNG's Sleep Inducing effects from episodes that I've seen a dozen times those put me to sleep.
    2. Tyjos
      Well always good to look at the plus side of it.

      I've been staving off a mental meltdown lately since my weekends are pretty much hell at times now.

      Kinda glad I can regenerate each week.

      Must have a little bit of a Time Lord in me to be able to regenerate and be ready for the next week.
    3. Young Optimus14
    4. Tyjos
      This is a Job Training/Rehabilitation Program since I've been stuck at home for quite a while....but now I'm actually considering becoming self employed and use my resources.

      Selling's been going great sold one of my items today soon after I shipped off a bunch of packages today.

      I'd Rather be my own boss!

      Good thing my Job Training I know will soon be over since this right now is just manufacturing/piece work stuff and that gets tiring.

      -No Disrespect meant to ya but I'll NEVER work food service, mind's too busy for that sort of stuff especially after hearing one of my coworkers talk about his job at Mcdonalds about how crappy it was-
    5. Tyjos
      I'm surviving at the moment, staying one step ahead of a meltdown or a blow least my sales have been picking up and you can see those through my ebay link and to check out the blog...Also more active on Facebook and Twitter now these days too.!/TyjosAzari

      Been in Job Training which I hope will end soon, just one of those places I hope at least if my last day is soon that I can go full speed into my sales...keep on hearing from friends or people I know about what working a job has done to em...

      I just am making my plans to expand my operations, even though I pretty much am a ghost online that comes back here and there...
    6. Tyjos
      Just saying hi! I pop back into TFW every so often......but am not active....just semi-retired as a collector now these days.
    7. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Well he just looks not very good compared to the others in my opinion
    8. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Want Bruticus but i hope they go with the other colors that aren't neony. Not so hot for jazz since i have his RTS figure. Shockwave I'm not going to bother with cause everyone will be after him.
    9. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Heh. So i'm going to be gettiong an RTS prime over this weekend. Which is goood as i need a new one since i lost WFC primes rifle. Oh and i want to get FOC prime. Thats a lot of primes in that sentance
    10. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      I stopped at book six myself. Also good luck catching all of the pokemon in crystal without someone to trade with. Unless you do.
    11. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Um... researching batman the animated series and researching cable
    12. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Darn you for having wheeljack. I haven't even seen in MD or in a K Mart in DE
    13. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      RTS Lugnut. Sheesh and you call yourself a tf nerd. Also yes, he is GLORIOUS!
    14. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      I wish but no. think to about a year ago
    15. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      guess who i got?
    16. eagc7
    17. eagc7
      hey remember me?, i am curious if you would like to help me in writting some of my stories for the tf/marvel continuty
    18. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Oh yeah listen to this. you only have to up to like 3:30 mark though
      Kamen Rider OOO Anything Goes! Maki Ohguro PV - YouTube
    19. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      No i don't have FE BB but do remember peaughs video review of him
    20. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Jango his dad. Ylthe one in attack of the clones. Jango is not bad but he only has wivel hips. Everything else is great! Also rid bb is pretty fun. He has a much easier transformation compared to FE BB and he has two guns. Plus he is really porrible
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