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The Christian Transfan, Male, 25

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Jan 20, 2020 at 5:08 PM
    1. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Yeah we strike up a chat now and then. I was the first to speak up in a conversation on a Facebook page of this guy who runs one a (role play type) page for anime character we like Tamaki Suoh and he said something one day on his own page that when he was frustrated over how he kept liking these girls who wouldn't date him because they were Christian and he wasn't, so I chimed in about how if it keeps happening he might be attracted to God in them and not realize that’s why he’s attracted to them. Then my penpal chimed in also, now he did listen to what we said but he wasn’t super convinced. My pen pal and I got talking and we made our decision to pray for a breakthrough for him. He uses his character page to cheer people on and cheer them up and he cheered me up on bad days too. He makes a difference to us so we want him to know God and be blessed. Not long after we decided to pray, he started to show the signs of a breakthrough one day.
    2. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      No I don't have a Cake the cat to go along with it but that would my make my costume cooler. Well there are plenty of options and I can come up with quite a few lol!
    3. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      Thanks~ ^_^ My newest pride and joy is that portrait of that Korean singer/actor Lee Hong Ki it turned out really well. Oh and I'm going as Fionna the human to a costume party next week my co-workers are having.
      I have a...I guess I'd call her a "pen pal" in Texas she's a fellow Christian cosplayer and we are into some of the same things, we want to team up one day to do a convention and if we get to it possibly visit Korea together one day. Mind you I'll visit Korea after I've seen Japan.
      Oh man that gave me a flash back all the way back to that Bible video you did for a school project. I remember your Narrator voice being epic!
      We are just hanging out the baby is only 18days old so he's really little, we went out to this place called Cheddar's for dinner. It was really good.
    4. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
      I know it's been a while.
      Awesome, "Into the woods" correct? I have some friends that are stage hands and they say it's a really good musical. Aww I thought I saw something about you having a girlfriend now! ^_^ Congratulations!

      Let's see it's been a good year just some things changing too, I got into cosplaying which has been such a blast and met some cool people and been to a few cons, I've been drawing alot and I've gotten a lot better too. :D
      I'm working with 4yr preschool kids, and am taking a class TECE 1 (Teaching Early care and Education), so I can be more of a benefit where I work right now. It can be alot of fun and rewarding to work with kids, it's just like everything else some days are awesome others are so so. Lol!
      Oh and I am now an Aunt! :D Speaking of which my Brother, Sister in law, and little nephew Christopher are visiting for the weekend. No boyfriend to speak of.
    5. Swiftcat Prime
      Swiftcat Prime
    6. Rubber Ducky
      Rubber Ducky
      Oh that's unfortunate, how much does it cost?
    7. Rubber Ducky
      Rubber Ducky
      Does bacontronian alliance still exist?
    8. ROTF Sideswipe
      ROTF Sideswipe
      *Yawns while passing by*

      Oh, hello there. Been a while, hasn't it? I've regenerated a few times, been on adventures, met new friends and am going to hopefully get the chance to ask out a really awesome girl I met.

      How have you been?
    9. Soundwave_FSD
    10. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Well its complicated and i don't want to spoil it. what issues have you read?
    11. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      In what the Shadowplay story?
    12. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Boy did I ever. First, Agent Frankenstien. Awesome as it always is but I'm thinking it takes place in a seperate universe or something now. Second, Detective Comics. The new writer, John Layman, is a good one and in my opinion a step up from tony daniel. Third, if you have not been following MTMTE start. See if you can get the last four issues or so cause they are a doozy. Esiecally the ending of the Shadowplay arc
    13. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Only one. Cpmic book store
    14. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Ah. Yeah same with Optimus. Not for starscream though cause I have Animated Megatron asn my main Megs. Also FOC Optimus, decent figure.
    15. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      I hear that two pack is awesome
    16. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      YES. Also an eay but good and satifying transformation
    17. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      and you would be correct. Cost me $25 bucks but thats better than the $30 they were charging for voyagers
    18. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      close. Also I wish since he is like the definitive Optimus for me
    19. Young Optimus14
    20. Young Optimus14
      Young Optimus14
      Hey. Guess who I found at my TRU?
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