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Oct 5, 2018
    1. Venixion
      Thanks for helping out with the price set. :)
    2. RKillian
      2005 is unbelievable...they send you an e-mail when a PM bounces but don't include any of the content. Can you imagine if a secretary worked like that? "Hey boss, someone called but I was out of paper so I didn't even try to remember what they wanted." Then I can't even send one because my inbox is full (the "keep sent copy" checkbox must be meaningless). Anyway, if it was about that MOTUC stuff, my profile should have an e-mail/v-card link or, barring that, a link to my eBay account where I've been intermittently listing some of them...
    3. G.I.EDDIE
      if yer intersted in the small sizes i have, PM me...the place does carry larger line spacing and line thickeness if you prefer...

      but i have tons of the smaller stuff...oh, i also recently picked up red/white if you like that...
    4. defstar
      Not yet...definitely interested just haven't got to it...
    5. G.I.EDDIE
      were you able to order some of that hazard tape?
    6. defstar
      You will have to remove Grimlock's arms (don't know how difficult that will be as I do not have a G1 Grimlock to refer to)...but if you can get his arms off you then need to brush on some varnish at the base part of the arm that slides into/connects to his side panel...let it set for a minute or so then reconnect the arm...the varnish I use can be found at Wal-mart in their acrylic paint section...
    7. metalheadryoko
      hello i saw a post of yours about using varnish to help with loose joints i was wondering what the process was with that because i have a g1 grimlock with loose arm joints
    8. defstar
      Sure... :)
    9. -Wreckage-
      hey, would you do me a favor and accept my friend request?
    10. defstar
      The one about Razorclaw?...yes I did... :)
    11. vbjjune
      you get my pm Kenny?
    12. defstar
      Hey All...just wanted to let everyone know things have settled back down and I'm getting into the swing of things including custom work once again...thanks for your thoughts/prayers...:)
    13. thyvipera
      hey buddy,

      I'll keep you in my prayers, and i hope to see you back at it again soon. I wanted to drop by and say congrats on your devastator. I wanted to bid on it, but before I knew it, it was out of my price range. bad for me but good for u :) i hope the auction went like you hoped.

    14. defstar
      Message to all my friends...major personal issues have come about in my life within the last two custom work and time at the boards will be reduced/put on hold for a little while...thank you for understanding and please pray...I will be back full time if and when I can...

    15. defstar
      Me thinks he was asking too much for the BIN...
    16. Sound Blaster
      Sound Blaster
      Custom G1 Transformer : DEVASTATOR Constructicons MPC01 - eBay (item 350118545247 end time Nov-06-08 17:19:29 PST)
      Well at least his theory was sound......:lol
    17. defstar
      Been a fan since Adrenaline...:)
    18. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      Nice to meet another Deftones fan out there.
    19. defstar
      defstar comment...:)
    20. thyvipera
      wow, that guy must really like his devastator. he's changed a couple of small things on his auction ;)

      Custom G1 Transformer : DEVASTATOR Constructicons MPC01 - eBay (item 350118545247 end time Nov-06-08 17:19:29 PST)
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