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May 16, 2013
    1. TylerMirage
      Yes, you did. :) But thanks again anyway.
    2. TylerMirage
      Not saying they're not fans. Just think they're annoying. My friend was talking about the Avengers and mentioned Ant man and Wasp and the "big Avengers fans" at the school made fun of him for making up characters. It gets annoying. Yeah you can call me an elitist TRU FAN!11!!one!!eleven!shift+one!
      Oh yeah, I wasn't accusing you or anything, it just brought that topic back into my mind. :)
    3. TylerMirage
      :lol Thank you.
    4. TylerMirage
      It displeased me to know that I am not friends with you yet. Therefore, I must attempt to fix that error.

      (Also, my new sig is a testament to you and your body).
    5. Fallout
      thank you sir, as do i.
    6. The621
      I hold nothing against scientists that can't spell. But I do hold something against impostor scientists. Remember Yggdrasil's post? Yeah. He never answered Yggdrasil's post without using Google or Wikipedia, let alone answer it. He got butthurt over my post and thought I was telling him to give up on science. He's not much of a scientist if he couldn't tell the underlined words were titles to books and subjects on the matter of science of today.
    7. The621
      On rebutting tfomegaprime!
    8. The621
      Saw your post, man! Rocking! :thumb
    9. biscuits
      Dude, your sig :lol
    10. rattraprules98
      Reggie's body is definitely ready...
    11. Dinodigger97
    12. Spiderus Prime
    13. tfprime32
      plus it is not wroth getting into a cyber fight!
      lets move on im trying to get better but apparently you guys don't like me know madder what i say or write! plus that whole topic about bay i did know and yeah i dont have to tell you if or what we did okay!!!!!!! it is not my fault that u have a crapy ass life that has no meaning! this whole TRANSFORMERS COLLICTING SHIT ON THIS SITE SHOULD BE FUCKING TAKING DOWN!!! THESE PEEPS ON THIS SITE IS RUDE OBNOXIOUS AND A ONE BIG HUGE CYBER BULLYING SITE!!!!
      do you really want to know im going through right now! so give me some space and stop leaving meanings on my account!

      i honnest know u dont like and some other people dont like it to but im trying! that was a thread about blahblahbhalh culen being the voice of tom i honestly thouht u guys will be exicited for that and not mean!

      and nobody perfect on this world!
    14. tfprime32
      listen the that is a toonami thread! jease i i put down was did you guys new that peter culuan.... is tom!
    15. optimegatron
      I would love to be able to play as every dinobot, shame that only Grimlock is playable. But better less than none I guess.
    16. optimegatron
      Sweet. What's the feature you're most looking forward to?
    17. optimegatron
      Are you exited about FOC?
    18. optimegatron
    19. ShOcKwAvE1213
      LMFAO at your sig least I think I get it:p
    20. eagc7
      ya know my mudflap thread was made BEFORE the movie came?
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