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Apr 9, 2021
    1. ironjazz
      merry christmas
    2. eagc7
      Definitely Deluxe class... it's a shame. I think they've yet to make a good Voyager class Ironhide.
      its voyager, the same ironhdie was shown on VOyager megs toy, Thsu it confirsms thsi ironhide is voyager
    3. eagc7
    4. eagc7
      are u gonig to see prime when it comes?
    5. eagc7
      i saw ur psot, well i meant Liek if she Went with sma and the otehrs On the MATRIX Search before the whoel ongonig fight started on egypt
    6. eagc7
      The Hub Channel si nto comnig here in guatemala
    7. eagc7
      If a ask me i haetd them (unless u have seen my psot on osme of priem threads lol)
    8. eagc7
      and the Rest of TF Pime desings?
    9. eagc7
      Ya like or hated Prime Desgins?
    10. eagc7
      I will lvie with it too, If he still in the film then i guess he will have the saem amount of screnetiem liek rotf with no liens again
    11. eagc7
      how would you react if jolt ends up beign removed from the film?
    12. eagc7
      Leo is in TF3

      Ramon Rodriguez to Return for Transformers 3 - Transformers News
    13. eagc7
      Are you oen of the People Who wants MORE BOTS AND LESS HUMANS o nteh tf film or not?
    14. eagc7
      hasbro awnser of why elita-1 si a repaitn of chromia,
      Toyark Hasbro Transformers 2010 Round 1 Q&A

      but they do nto awnser why they did not made a new mold they jsut Told why she is a repaint
    15. eagc7
    16. eagc7
      yup, Unelss they decided to make ELita-1 at the last minute and The fil mcrew could nt ohelp them anymore, anyway send me ur denig so i can see if the trnasformation cna be very ahrd or easy,

      Aslo its possible that Hasbro need moeny for make a new mold and sicne they amde alot of new molds they rna out of moeny for make a new mold for elita-1 so they deicde to Do a repaint (which in ym opinion is much cheaper)
    17. eagc7
      Since in the movei we never saw elita transformnig (only arcee), its possible that Beucase of that Hasbro Never Knew What part of the bike formed elita bot mode

      (this dosent go for chromai sicne her deisng is very simple and you cna guess what part of her robot forms her bike)
    18. eagc7
      i got naotehr theroy of why elita is a repaitn wanna hear my otehr theory?
    19. eagc7
    20. eagc7
      show me ur desing, well they probably knwo which aprt of the turck forms optimus, but they dotn know what part forms leita biek even, even i dont knwo which of forms elita biek mode, her design its a bit ocnfusing
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