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Best there is @ what I do

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Aug 3, 2014
    1. eagc7
      saw the film 2 days ago :)
    2. eagc7
      probably not till next week
    3. eagc7
    4. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Ultimate Decepticon Tribute - YouTube
    5. eagc7
      curious did ya ever read the reply in where i told u that Optimus was never orion Pax in the movieverse?
    6. TheNextMegatron
      Turmoil is your avatar am i correct. If I am correct he was only in Drift's spotlight
    7. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream
      I wanted a DLC for DOTM back then. Back then when the game had just been released and everyone was buying it to try it out. Now, I'm done with it. I got the platinum trophy, and I'm done. I'm not saying it was a bad game. It could have been worse. But now thinking about it, those $60 I spent could have been used on a better game. This game will eventually get completely forgotten, where WFC is even older and more people still play it than people who play DOTM. So think about it, why would they make a DLC for this kind of game? I know it would be nice to get a DLC, I might even buy it for the sake of trying it out. But now that High Moon has a bigger and better project to work on, they wouldn't waste time making a DLC for a game that will soon never be played again. Like I've said before in other threads, I rather have High Moon focus all their attention on Fall of Cybertron and make it an amazing game, than have High Moon get distracted with a DLC for DOTM, and lose some valuable time that they could have used to make FOC even better.
      The prophecy is foretold!

      And I posted this here because I didn't want to bump an old thread...
    8. AnithaPrime
      Haha yeah :D
    9. ironjazz
      okey dokey
    10. ironjazz
      are you on youtube
    11. ironjazz
      happy new year
    12. eagc7
      i have none, My brother does as it is HIS PS3 not mine, not to forget i have no games i'd like to play online at the moment
    13. Prime Jetscream
    14. eagc7
      Early Xmas presents
      Prime Deluxe Bumblebee (Opened December 7)
      Power Core Combiners Leadfoot with Pinpoint (Opened Morning of December 24)

      heres the rest
      DOTM Legion Mudflap
      DOTM Legion Crowbar
      DOTM Commander Preview Optimus Prime
      DOTM Human Alliance Icepick with Sargeant Chaos
      DOTM Deluxe Sideswipe
      DOTM Deluxe Laserbeak
      DOTM Deluxe Optimus Prime
      DOTM Voyager Optimus Prime
      DOTM Voyager Sentinel Prime
      DOTM Voyager Shockwave

      i didnt got anything cool from my relatives from my Dad Side, as they all thought i no longer collected toys due to beign a teenager, so they jsut gave me clothes (i. dont. like. clothes), they descovered that i am still a collector when we were leaving, they promised to give me money next year, however my dad sister is aware i am still a colelctor, so she gave me 20 bucks, From my relatives from my mom side, they already gave me money for me to buy tfs days before, some of DOTM Toys (expect Sentinel, Shockwave, Deluxe and Commander Optimus, which my dad brought on USA) u see on my haul are thanks to that money
    15. eagc7
      Wann see my Xmas haul (early xmas present included)

      if so in pics with a list, or jsut hte list of what i got?
    16. eagc7
      Because Optimus is an evil, merciless Prime. I thought he spared lives.
      Movie Megatron cannot be trusted, what type of people would offer you a real truce under the condition to stay in charge of his (Megatron) army?

      Not to forget Megatron still wanted to conquer earth sa he shouted "This is my planet!" when attacking sentinel, thus Megatron still had evil intentions.
    17. Prime Jetscream
      Prime Jetscream

      I took a screencap of the VGA trailer. xP
    18. SPLIT LIP
    19. SPLIT LIP
      He lost all his memories of being a Prime when he gave up the Matrix's knowledge to defeat Unicron. And because the war and Decepticons happened after he became a Prime he has no recollection of Megatron's betrayal. He believes they're both still friends, and Megatron inducts him into their ranks.
    20. ironjazz
      ok never mind
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