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Not a Bounty Hunter yes?, Male, from brighton uk

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    1. TF3D
      please sir please charge me more because i don't understand that the costs of molds after mass producing something and costs of producing something is pocket change compared to the profit ))Go back to school and take an administration class!
      That's why you're crying for cheap price ..
      1. deathsheadII
        1. i deleted that comment
        2. i helped run a record label back in the early 90's so know how much profit can be made after paying the artists and paying for the metal work for the stamper
        3. this being sold for £26.99 which is after the retailer markup proves that these are not costing them much to produce after the initial costs
        4. your crying for a higher price because your obviously a twat
        May 15, 2018
    2. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      Thanks for your kind words on my Skywarp.
      Appreciate it :)
      Hope yours goes well when you do one.
    3. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Regarding your MP-05 trouble if you have an American Contact you could put their address with the payment and pay their stated USA shipping price. just make sure you add the address to paypal when you pay so your covered for refunds.

      if you don' have a contact I'd suggest looking at the sale threads until you find something you like and then asking them if they'd consider helping you out.
    4. Starscream600
      Hey man! I re-did my Dark Intensity mix because the old one was really suckish.

      DJ Ra1n's Dark Intensity Mix 2.0 by DJ Ra1n on SoundCloud - Hear the world

      Tell me how I did. :D
    5. Vexwing
      I'm impressed, it's a perfect use of that panel. I just hope my Shockers fairs better than he did in that issue when my batteries come in; should be any day now.
    6. Vexwing
      Your sig pic is bloody fantastic!
    7. Starscream600
      It's just some bloody cockheads who wanted me to play Dubstep. Dude, DnB had bass all over the place, I can't beatmatch that type of music, let alone mix. Lots of awesome DJs play at HTID, it's a awesome rave. I think Gammer, Inverse & Orbit-1 and DJ Slipmatt has played there before. I wanna go to that rave... It's in UK right?
    8. deathsheadII
      who insulted you? good to hear your enjoying it ..nooo dnb is the easiest music to mix ever!! yeah heard of htid why?
    9. Starscream600
      It's great, excluding those f**ktards who insulted me. The people were going crazy with the Happy Hardcore and UK Hardcore I'm playing. Light-sticks galore! I always make sure I have a few glowsticks round my wrists when I play to get that Rave feeling. :lol But, isn't DnB really difficult to mix? I tried mixing DnB before and I almost died. XP Dubstep's just comfortable for me to mix. Do you know this Rave event called "Hardcore Till I Die (HTID)"?
    10. Starscream600
      Well, :(. You played UK Hardcore there too?
    11. Starscream600
      I love your avi!!!! Nice decks!
    12. Starscream600
      Just started following you on Soundcloud. Follow me back!

      DJ Ra1n's sounds on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    13. deathsheadII
      will do in the next couple of days
    14. Starscream600
      You mind sending me a few promo tracks from that mix? They sound pretty awesome.
    15. Starscream600
      I usually play UK Hardcore or Happy Hardcore. But I sometimes play Electro, Dubstep or Hardstyle.
    16. Starscream600
      :lol Yeah, I'm fine. I got a saturday night job at my local club. I play for 2 hours and get 175 bucks.
    17. G.I.EDDIE
      Yeah, that's what I was thinking...though kinda pricy, ya get a lot for still trying to decide if I want it, lol...
    18. G.I.EDDIE
    19. Starscream600
      Hey man, it's been a while since wr chatted. How's that label of yours coming along? I'm still waiting for those promo tracks! :)
    20. Starscream600
      Check this out! DJ Cotts - What Hardcore Used To Be 2 (Vinyl Mix) - YouTube Vinyl UK Hardcore Mixx!
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