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May 22, 2017
    1. Nachtsider
      Nah, you're just a good guy who calls 'em like he sees 'em. From my experience, the erudite and intelligent arseholes tend to be the worst of the lot.
    2. Nachtsider
      Thanks for having my back in the Spider-Man thread, pal. Honestly, some people. :rolleyes2
    3. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Cool, I'll be looking for it then! Thanks for the heads up!
    4. FatalT 71
      FatalT 71
      Thanks for the heads up on "Infernal Affairs" (had to look it up when you referenced the original "Departed" film) - where is a good place to track down a copy of that?
    5. bigkid78
      yes we dont want to talk down to lord shitslinger " i mean nelson!
    6. bigkid78
      That shit you said to nelson is funny as hell!!
    7. FanimusMaximus
      well I do know that ROTF doesnt make complete scense but in just trying to fill the plot whole as best I can. Not to give more credit to the movie just to see what I can and cant answer. I like ROTF and even I can admit some of the stuff in the movie is pure crap. Well to each is own
    8. FanimusMaximus
      you got a better idea?
    9. McBradders
      Deaths Head was the baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalls.
    10. Nachtsider
      The honor is mine, good sir. :D :bowdown:
    11. Nachtsider
      Hail, fellow Marvel UK fan! :rock
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    'I hope he shoots unicorns out of his butt and has glitter pew pew laser guns on his pelvis. Also he should have a beam that turns everybody into Elvis then he can lift the whole planet with one finger and fart a parallel universe. I mean come on, it's a movie about giant robots, why can't he do all that?' - Mister Gone