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Viewing thread Made energon divebomb into a weaponizer, May 26, 2024 at 7:29 PM
    1. Deathhowl
      ok, kinda sad but i get it
    2. chroma23
      i wrote my concerns in my post already and for those reasons i will not pursue it (weird posing, losing articulation)
    3. chroma23
      what upside down? everything is connected the "expected" way
    4. knightaero
      Hey! Thanks for the comment on I now have the sword for sale on check it out at:'Sword of Triex' | 3D Printing | Sculpteo
      Given you have the Snowman version below here the white plastic might be perfect start. I did the Alumide (white plastic is suppose to be stronger.)
      Anyways let me know how it goes if you decide to have one printed.
    5. Gatchaman
      Sorry to hear that man, can you send me a pic of what part of it is affected?
    6. Gatchaman
      I saw that this morning. In kinda on the fence about it since it effectively raises his chest and might make my chest shield too short or just sit too low.
      Are you getting the dmy kit?
    7. Deathhowl
      ty for the pics man, can you get some of the waist with the new red parts, with the plane nose pulled up. my order got cancelled so i got to wait another month to get mine
    8. Gatchaman
      Ab filler doesn't fit, they don't, it comes with new forearms, so you just fold them up into jet mode.
      Here's the before which you know of course:


      & with the upgrade


      Compared to the bad guys now/

    9. Gatchaman
      Cool, lemme see! (Sorry for the lag, hadn't looked in my page in a while)
      Did you see that 4th party set that gives him new hips, thighs, shoulders snd head?

      D-02 Aerial Team Appendage Add-On Upgrade Kit Snowman White Exclusive - Third Party Transforming Toys & Accessories DMY Studio
      I ordered it, but am not sure if I'll need to mod my chest plate or not and I'll need to remove my process Shapeways ab filler.
    10. Gatchaman
      Dude, $35 is nowhere near retail for a Xfire Superion kit, not even @ release. Glad u were able to get it fixed up.
    11. Gatchaman
      That sucks that you got the ko crossfire kit, u didn't pay full retail for it did you?
    12. Gatchaman
      Hey, how's it going with your Superion?
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