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Nov 16, 2018
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Nov 16, 2018
    1. SydneyY
      Thanks for the suggestion but I already have a modship at so I think that might be somewhat of an issue. Plus, I don't think either site would want to share images.
      I remember you mentioning doing photoshoots for shmax a while back. I'm just glad you post in the photo threads here to share with us, too :) You take great pics of great variety of TFs.
    2. Sparkless
      It's Jimbo by the way :P
    3. Superquad7
      If you like, you can just upload a photo for the thumbnail. I tend to do all of them because it's easier for me to just do it all from one location.

      Don't fret about the attention/lack thereof . . . people's interests can be fickle anyways. What I can say is that I went though your PB (obviously) and enjoyed my time. One thing you can do as well is post a custom in Radicons, and then pimp the link out in Cool Stuff :)

      I totally agree on VP's arms as well. If there was a snapping or a pegging mechanism, I'd be totally happy. I'm waiting on finding a sword for my custom, as mine didn't have one. Either that or getting one from Darkov.
    4. Superquad7
      Thanks man! I can't take full credit for that one, but I did want to go as in depth with the explanation as I could, You know, leave no stone uncovered :) That figure gets a lot of hate, but I really like it! I really like the Shadow version of it as well, as I painted mine straight black with one coat of paint :)

      Thanks so much for checking out my work! Feel free to post comments or ask any questions, etc. I always have a blast with that sort of thing :)

      Did you post your VP? If not please do. As in purdy please with sugar on top :)
    5. Superquad7
      I just finished updating one myself, and I may end up going back to it after seeing yours! :lol
    6. Superquad7
      Hey man, I wanted to say that your Cybertron Vector Prime custom looks super nice! :)
    7. swampert123
    8. Death333
      Ah, the wonders of the net. :lol No, never played. I swiped it off the net cause it reminded me of a piece of art I did a few years ago involving a death theme and teddy bear. I never actually knew where it came from so thanks for the info!. Since we're on the subject; what sys did you have the game for and how would you rate the game?
    9. Vladakris
      Avatar is from that game, wondering if you played. I used to play, about a year ago. Anyways alrighty then!
    10. Vladakris
    11. Ezilla82
      It's under the words, "THE BULK". Hope that helps ya.
    12. Ezilla82
      Hey Death333 you got to check out this custom TonyzCustomz made for me.
    13. Death333
      Ya know, I never ended up finishing him. I just ran out of steam on that project. He ended up getting lost in the mail along with another that I was working on at the time. I was trading the two of them for a Yamato VF 11-B and because they got lost I lost them and about 100$. Lame. I have a crap ton of new projects going on though.

      I've been around on the boards and whatnot but just haven't been posting here. One of the MODS got ******ed and started treating me like shit so I stopped coming here and stopped posting for a long time.
    14. Ezilla82
      I'm cool. Its been awhile since well I guess to you ever got done with your custom, Scythe I guess the name. Or have you been busy with other things like work, school, or whatever.
    15. Death333
      not bad, you?
    16. Ezilla82
      Hey man. How are ya?
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