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May 20, 2024 at 12:35 PM
    1. Superquad7
      So, whatcha think about TRU's MP Starscream?
    2. Superquad7
      I agree with ya. Kobayashi just got a few fans who really didn't know what they were talking about bash him. He's done well :)

      The link was to your reply of my "DECEPTICONS FOREVER!" post, though :D
    3. Superquad7
    4. Superquad7
      Unless something is super-private, I have found myself resorting to the Visitor Messages to chat with people. That way, my inbox doesn't get as full :)

      I don't think that was me with the data charts and artwork, but like you said, it's been a while.
    5. AmonDemon112
      Hey bud, I badly want to get the Studio Ox Visual Works! I also am hoping to someday get the OFFICIAL Takara g1 DVD collections and their book that a collection of their g1 manga!!! Someday someday... Major fan of anything that has to do with Takara g1
    6. Dean ML
      Dean ML
      I understand, Christ291 - Thanks for the heads up, dude!
    7. chrisr291
      Clear your PM box

      Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave Takara Tomy | eBay

      I lost my Soundwave's index figure so I'm selling this one to pay for the other I purchased; I am hoping for $100 or $95 shipped on TFW.

      If you need Laserbeak, I might part this out if it doesn't sell but I'd rather sell everything together.
    8. Superquad7
      Though, I got mine loose. It might help if I had the instructions.

      (I'm glad I have one, but I can't see myself spending out $50 or so for one.)
    9. Superquad7
      That's pretty cool, man. I put a battery in mine once, and it just made my voice sound bubbly and cracklely. If that's how it works, I guess mine does. From the static and everything when I tried it, it just didn't sound like mine worked the way it was supposed to. *shrugs*

      I'll tell you what does work: Dat Masterpiece Ultra Magnus.
    10. Superquad7
    11. Dean ML
      Dean ML
      Thanks for the heads up, Underwear! You know if it's followed by Ironhide and Galvatron? Release dates? Or when TT will be making some reveals?
    12. Underwear
      My source in Singapore informed me it's another Autobot car for MP-25.
    13. Underwear
      Happy holidays bro..take care & enjoy. Cheers! :D
    14. Underwear
      Hi brother sorry for the late reply, my inbox is filled to the max.

      Anyway no info at the moment, only one I have is the one I pass to you In the earlier PM. It's ok ppl won't know what we're talking about in this profile msg..
    15. Fallout
      if you buy that $60 immobilizer and don't want the figure it comes with lmk ;)
    16. MetalicGrunt
      Hey brother hope all is well.
    17. Dean ML
      Dean ML
      I used 8-10 day insured shipping. It was expertly packaged. No problems so far.
    18. Clanure

      Quick question for you. What shipping option do you use with Nippon? I would like to order some stuff from them, but want to receive things in pretty decent shape. Have you had any trouble with the packaging quality? Thanks in Advance.
    19. MetalicGrunt
      Hey brother you PM box is full - As far as the Transformers: Visual Works book from Japan I don't have it, but you may want to ask eddie, aka Edbomber - he is a member here and he also Owns and runs Toydojo. He is outstanding in customer service and if you ask him he will see if he can get things he doesn't have in stock or carry. He has personally taken care of me, and he has established a large cache of stories of him finding hard to find items for other boardmembers.
    20. Dean ML
      Dean ML
      Thanks, Pumpkingonzo! Just replied to you on the thread. Made me want to mess with him again, so I reposed him fighting SoundBlaster. I'll post pics soon.
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