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May 28, 2024 at 10:44 AM
Jul 23, 2013
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Dean ML

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May 28, 2024 at 10:44 AM
    1. jaypc
      I've said it before but you're photography is amazing. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!
      1. Dean ML
        Dean ML
        Aw man too kind! Thanks for letting me know you dig my shots! It’s honestly these awesome figures doing the real work!
        Jul 14, 2020
    2. jaypc
      Your photography is awesome. The shot with Prime on one knee with Bluestreak and Ironhide behind him is my current wallpaper. Thanks! My MP-44 comes tomorrow. Can't wait!
      1. Dean ML
        Dean ML
        Hey man, thanks a million! Really means a lot! Hope you enjoy the figure as much as I do!
        Mar 11, 2020
    3. Grifter Prime
      Grifter Prime
      Dean do you have a better scan of the Masterforce / Victory scale chart? can you email it to me at [email protected]
    4. Grimmjow
      I hear you've gone AWOL...come back to us.
    5. Shockwave81
      Come back soon man. Really miss seeing your enthusiasm.
    6. Robotmonkeys
      Awaiting your triumphant return to the boards.
    7. ChromeMagnus
      Where you at buddy?
    8. UndertakerPrime
      TFCon is October 16-18. I'm really looking forward to it since not only is it a lot more affordable than Botcon, the organizers of Charticon are assisting in its production, and Charticon was the most fun I've ever had at a con. And things went really well with a roommate at Charticon, so I thought I'd try it again.
    9. Underwear
      Hey Dean another thing that might make you happy on yr decision to grab UW Devy..I think all of the Constructicons have ankle tilts! :D
    10. Dean ML
      Dean ML
      Hey, Undertaker, no plans. When is it?
    11. UndertakerPrime
      Hey Dean, are you planning to go to TFCon in Charlotte, or do you know anyone else around Atlanta who's going? I'd like to find someone to room with so we can split the cost and whoever it is can ride with me since I'll be driving.
    12. UndertakerPrime
      I just asked because I thought I may have missed you too at Joelanta. I've been a dealer the last 2 years and I missed Shibamura Prime who was there but we didn't know what the other looked like :p
      You can actually find a lot of TFs there. I bought/traded for a number of things, including MP Prowl, a few Animated toys, and a G1 Powerdasher.

      I have twin boys who are 2 1/2. They don't watch much TV, and then only shows on Netflix with no ads, so they're only into things like Thomas the train and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They have a Rescue Bots Prime with trailer, but they don't play with it very often.
    13. UndertakerPrime
      Hey Dean,
      I see you all over these boards, and you seem to be one of the few people on here from Georgia. Where in Atlanta are you? I live in eastern Woodstock, near the Fulton Co border. Also, did you happen to go to Joelanta last month?
    14. Sam
      No I'm totally cool with it, I think you'll get more of a kick out of it than me. Plus I'll be seeing it all the time in the MP appreciation thread! I'll probably just snap some obligatory shots of it with Wheeljack for posterity and send it on over to ya sometime next week. Think shipping is around 10€ registered (with tracking) but I'll let you know on the day I ship it how much it was.
    15. Sam
      Hey buddy my Exhaust is shipping to me at last - and your immobiliser with it! PM me with an address to send it to and I'll get it out to you next week some time. Sound good?
    16. Superquad7
      Just sent you a friend request on Facebook, too :wink:
    17. Superquad7
      Replied! Please check out my own artwork and let me know what you think. Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated!

      I can certainly understand your angle on characters like Road Rage. I'm quite the Diaclone fan, and MP figures like Tigertrack and Road Rage are right up my alley. In fact, I really want the original eHobby G1 figures of those really bad...I'm just not in a position to buy them right now with as much as they go for. Sounds odd, but the MP line is a poor man's way to enjoy Diaclone.

      Well, as you said earlier, it's harder and harder to even talk to people with different sensibilities these days. One camp will get what they want, the other camp will whine and whine, and then those like me just kinda end up liking what we get for the most part :)
    18. Superquad7
      I agree with ya. I've noticed over the course of a long while now that you and I have very similar interests/tastes in what we like to see and such. Didn't you once say you work in design as well? I'd love to hear more about that!

      I think you're right on par. I think we'll see both Road Rage and Ironhide pretty soon. I'm just curious when we'll hear something solid about Ratchet as well as something else.
    19. Superquad7
    20. Superquad7
      My prediction is that it'll be a straight release of the MP-11. If we're lucky, it'll have the stand included. As much as I want a good variation (slightly different colors or something), I just doubt it.

      I'm REALLY excited for Tracks and Road Rage. I suppose that Igear Weapon Specialist quenched things just a bit for me with Ironhide (and Medical Specialist for Ratchet). I'm certainly not saying I'll pass on the releases, but I'm simply less excited for them.

      Speaking of Megatron and Galvatron, I REALLY want one of those officially from TakaraTomy this year.
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