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Oct 10, 2014
Jul 30, 2009
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Droidcepticon, 37

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Oct 10, 2014
    1. Outsider31
      How much for hiss tank shockwave
    2. Agent-GHQ
      How much for the leader Ironhide?
    3. Vexxet
      thanks for the skywarp MP buddy. my friend ed loves it!
    4. Kriojinik
      Thanks bro. Sorry I've been off. My wife had our baby and I've had my hands full.
    5. CURAMEN
      Once again, thanks for coming out and hanging out with us.

      See you at the next meet-up and definitely keep in touch!

      Let me know if you come across anything in our area or if you ever want to meet-up and go to Frank & Son's.

      Your Bud... CURAMEN :thumb


    6. CURAMEN
      Thanks for coming to the Los Angeles Meet-up!

      I hope to see you at the next meet-up in October!
    7. spartanm65
      hey hows it going im a collector from la too =]just here tying to make some friends dont know too many people that love transformers here and you and tfaddiction are real close by
      so whats up man im mike btw
    8. sslanchi
      Hey man where did you find Devastator in Los Angeles???

      Thanks in advance!
    9. josh5837
    10. josh5837
      you dont really know me i was just exploring
    11. josh5837
    12. deadman323
      i'm gonna have to head over there on a saturday because some dealers weren't open and they have some figures i was looking for. i asked some dealer if he had a G1 prime and he didn't but offered me a knock off for $60. lol. so many good deals but didnt have much $ with me. so out of all the dealers which would you consider your top two?
    13. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      Cool! Yea, they have a tendency of asking what "they" think they are worth, lol. Most of the guys I have dealt with there will come down in price if you haggle them a little bit, except for Comic book guy. He has tons of awsome stuff, but ask "awsome" prices, + 25%. Glad you like it. I had that place as my cheap saturday, looking at cool stuff place. I got a unicron armada series, misb, 20 bucks.
    14. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      Them and you both will love it!
    15. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      forgot to tell you. its only open on weds and sat.
    16. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      decent. Most of the toys there are misb. you should be able to get a good deal. I know one guy has mulitple sets of alternators and a few set (as in like 24) of the takara brand. If you are looking for it, you WILL find it there!
    17. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      oh yea, first guy i talked about, looks like comic book guy from the simpsons
    18. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      Everything...One guy ask what his stuff is worth, but will negociate a little. all the other ones are good about dealing. It will be awsome. Trust me, take TFaddicition with you. You guys will love it.
    19. TFaddiction
      No bro I just use Ebay, I know a few collector stores but there prices are all ways high, you know secondary market prices.
    20. The Honey Badger
      The Honey Badger
      Welcome to Frank & Son Collectible Show!

      Thats the link for it. Its in city of industry. There are like 8 dealers there that have TF's. Its insane. I miss it. Trust me, worth the drive. Also, they have guest and stuff. I met stan lee, and its free to get into and walk around. the taquitos are awsome too.
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