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    1. Sixshot666666
      Haha I swear I see you in every thread I go to, how's your quest for the chaos and siege boxsets going?
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      2. Sixshot666666
        Tidal wave was one of my favorite toys early on and I dig the character. As for Quickswitch, he's my first encounter with the mold since I deliberately passed on Hasbro sixshot to wait for Takara to give me the best version lol. He's pretty fun so far tho, never thought I'd get an updated Sixshot and especially not his son!
        Jul 11, 2017
      3. dasas01
        I hear you! I can't wait to get the Overlord Leader also. It will look good with Ginrai (if I ever get one, haha!). I agree Armada was cool. That tidal wave looks BOSS!
        Jul 11, 2017
      4. Sixshot666666
        Have you got a siege set on preorder? If ya want I'd be glad to stalk the listing and see if I can't get a second preorder to help ya out. And I'm so stoked for that Overlord, I might have to double dip with Takara so I can make my IDW one and have a classic one. Rn I'm low key mad I missed out on this big Amazon glitch, I always miss out on glitches like the HTS one with the 7$ Devastators
        Jul 11, 2017
    2. Anti-Venom
      Yeah, he's one of my favorite characters too.
      *Nice Guy Pose*
    3. Anti-Venom
      Maito Gai is fucking amazing
      I keep hoping they make a Figure Arts of him
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