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Mar 1, 2020
Apr 10, 2018
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Darth Lexxor

Grimlock, use fireblast!, Male, 25, from Texas *sadly not cybertron but good enough*

Dark is not evil, and some of the brightest stars are composed of the foulest gas. Apr 10, 2018

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Mar 1, 2020
    1. Darth Lexxor
      Darth Lexxor
      Dark is not evil, and some of the brightest stars are composed of the foulest gas.
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    Sep 8, 1998 (Age: 25)
    Texas *sadly not cybertron but good enough*
    Assistant, Fan, and fellow creator.
    Hi, I'm Darth Lexxor. I don't give out real names online so I go by Darth or Lex.

    I originally got into fantasy type things with Bionicle, my first set being Mantax. Prior to this I was just like every other kid, a toy was a toy, if mom and dad bought it I'd play with it. However, Bionicle as well as Transformers Cybertron got me invested into the story of my Toys.
    My favorite movie as a child was Toy Story, and as such my toys always felt alive. I had stuffed animals do battle with the Imaginext people (Before thy were crap) but Bionicle became my focus,until its sad end for me in 2008. However the Transformers movie in 2007 (yes i know its crap, but its nostalgic crap for me) brought my love of transformers cybertron back. My first real transformer (i had a knockoff insecticon i got at best buy years erlier) was Voyager Ironhide.
    However, the show Transformers Animated destroyed my fondness of Transformers(while I later returned and re watched the show, enjoying most of it, back then I hated it.) I then switched entirely to Lego's as my main toys(primarily Power Miners).
    Then as time does both I and my intrests grew. My teenage years were spent pouring hour after hour into Star Wars The Old Republic. I was in heaven, then one day I had to get up and move and saw my sister watching a new channel called The Hub. We laughed at some of the silly stuff on their, but then came the 6 part premier of Transformers Prime, and I was hooked (I have since seen the show over 8 times completely, with certain arks and episodes having been seen dozens of times.) but none of my friends were still into Transformers so I stuck to my gaming.
    Along the way someone showed me Gundam, and as usual I got hooked. I watched everything I could find online and became super invested. When I discovered a Hobby Shop 5 mins from my house that carried Gundams, there went my wallet. Coupled with the release of Build Fighters and Ironblooded Orphans kits being 10 bucks, my wallet was spent. Then at a Gunpla competition I re-met up with an old friend who had gotten me into anime and we began talking about The last Knight(which sucked but at least the designs were cool) and he introduced me to IDW's Last stand of the Wreckers(which i bought the hard cover of) and got me into 3rd party transformers. At the time I had been slowly collecting the titans return for my nephews, and enjoying them myself.
    However it was Power of the Primes Leader class Optimus that sold me. He was just perfect, if he had slightly more articulation He would be my favorite Transformer toy. But these slight complaints got me looking into 3rd party toys. Bada bing bada boom I suddenly owned Tyrantron, Calidus, and Striker Noir and have no plans of stopping soon.

    Likes: Transformer(duh), Gundam, Legos, and Criminology
    Dislikes: Overly evil for the sake of overly evil, Getaway, SJW's, and DC Movies (love the comics however)


    And he said unto me "Read Last Stand of the Wreckers for real Transformers storytelling." and my fate was sealed.