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Jan 6, 2024
    1. Dudicus
      Yeah! I got Devastator and a Hunters set, and I even managed to score a Stormtrooper. Hope you got what you wanted as well. It was nice talking to you, and I'll definitely be around on the boards.
    2. SpinalCord
      It's hard not to get miffed here, so when I saw your post I was like hell yeah! You hit the nail on the head... so I just wanted to rally behind you. Honestly didn't think it would affect you like it did, but I am very glad I was able to support a fellow fan and brighten their day... that honestly means a lot to me, so thank you for telling me :)

      I didn't get a friend request, so I will send you one lol. I lurk on here everyday, but don't comment much... sort of got into a little argument with a couple people over why a town has 4 walmarts. It's just like you can't make a comment here without somebody waving their fucking finger at you
    3. plowking
      Yeah...I've been around for a bit....probably be around for a bit more too :lol

      And thanks again for the deal on the A.T. Some of the prices folks were asking for was just a tad out of my range....then you came along.

      And now the universe is at peace again. :D
    4. Rexidus
      Make sure I see pictures if you can. I love seeing people use my stuff.
    5. Rexidus
      Cool man. :). No offense taken from me about your comment but I'm glad I won you over. I like being immersed and find the backgrounds really helpful.
    6. ZapRowsdower
      Just sent you some messages, but I guess you can't receive them. It's too bad cause I had some things to share. Sorry about your recent problems. :(
    7. Snake_eyes1975
      Thanks! Heck..Ive been chatting back n forth on these boards with some of these peeps for years now..fun stuff!
    8. ZapRowsdower
      Thanks for the welcome, yo! (Digital fist bump? Nooooo...)
    9. ZapRowsdower
      Thanks for the support and positive comment! As long as we don't all start hugging or anything, let's be accepting of one another! And also continue to disagree, civilly.:cool:
    10. pumpkingonzo
      I love your sense of humour :)
    11. Eurobeatking
      Same here:wink:
    12. HeroicC300
      Okay. If I were to align them it'd be:
      Bat: Hero
      Dachshund: Villain
      Ammonite: Hero
      Elephant: Villain
    13. HeroicC300
      Just some ideas to throw out for BMOG:
      A bat that has the wings be swords and the head a gauntlet
      A dachshund that has a whip, two pistols, a shotgun head and the front leg batons
      An ammonite that forms two shields, a semi-cat o' nine tails, and a mallet
      And finally, an elephant that forms two piledrivers, an artillery missile launcher, and a rifle
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