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Sep 20, 2012
Apr 23, 2008
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Sep 20, 2012
    1. frenzyrumble
      hey, sent you an email about some swords I got from you. please reply when you get the chance.
    2. Transfan2
      Hey Darkov,
      How are you doing?
      Sorry for not sending the parts yet for another great Repro Parts session, will try to soon.
      Have a great week.
    3. Superquad7
      Hey hey buddy! It's been some time since we've talked, and I just wanted to drop in and see how you are doing! Holler at me soon!
    4. Renegade Razor
      Renegade Razor
      Oh please tell me you are still doing those great reproductions? I did not know about your work but luckily someone from another forum pointed you out. Please let me know and I'll plan an order. Also, if you are still doing them, would you ever consider making targetmasters? The weapons? Thanks.
    5. Oric
      that may just work, sorry i was away from the net for near a month, how close do you think a custom would be to the original? i am still exploring other options but each one is highly expensive thus far
    6. adconx2
      I need a Cerebros Sword for my Brave Max Headmaster. Email me at [email protected] thanks
    7. Oric
      I had one of the worst experiences with ebay ever, not at fault by either myself or the online retailer. I bought an mp-04 and right out of the package and twist ties upon transforming optimus prime into the cab I came across a significant problem, the panel housing the lights and rectangular cover were mysteriously missing and there was no sign of adhesive or residue to be found.


      This was the sign of the damage, I just pulled this thing out of the package yesterday.

      The online retailer wanted to help but I had to pay for the shipping back to australia, and then back to canada, and the duty again which would equal the full value of the toy. I don't know who to turn to.
    8. taterx
      I also got my parts. Great job Sir, thanks again and I'll leave the feedback as well.
    9. turboedguy
      I just got your parts, they look great, and that dark blue was almost dead on! I just left you feedback, thanks again.
    10. asphalt
      I would like 2 red missiles for UM please. how do I place an order?
    11. Auceps Prime
      Auceps Prime
      can you mold the roof of alternators Dragstrip? I would like a new one to put on my Alternators Windcharger which I call him Overdrive
    12. Auceps Prime
      Auceps Prime
      It would like to get a set of G1 Stunticon Guns replacements made for each memberof that team. If some one could contribute this set for a mold it would also help
    13. iDarkDesign
      Hey Darkov,

      really sweet job you are doing! Seriously the fandom and customizers needed this!

      Feel free to ask for any info I'd be happy to help you out on some stuff (not that I think I can).

      At this moment I could only use the Snarl missile. I would like to wait for some more parts to arrive before I place an order. Is there any chance you will be doing the Trypticon parts and/or custom parts?


    14. nellie131
      hi is it possible to order a few parts as i am from the UK?
    15. tformer0607
      yo man i have a city commander set so is there any way to have 2 missles and two guns? i really dont care if the springs are in there or not because i hate fireing missles so PM me with any priceing or anything else
    16. yourreflection
      hey man, just seen your post. I want to order (1) Omega Supreme Leg Clip - smallest one. And I really need some Predaking feet for my bash, can you help? I need like three sets.
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