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Dec 5, 2012
Aug 25, 2011
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Dec 5, 2012
    1. mandiprime97
      Hey there, hope all is well with you and your father. Take care :)
      Happy New Year, hope all is well
    3. jgoss
      hi hope everything is ok with your dad. also did you see friday nights prime?
    4. mandiprime97
      Hi AJ,
      It's great to hear from you again. I hope your father is getting better, my thoughts and prayers are still with you and him. I also wish you a speedy recovery, it's never fun to get injured at work. I certaintly need to catch up on TFP, i saw a few new ones that came out recently. I have Xbox too, you can add me if you like :
      stealthdragon97 is my current gt, in need for a change :) I dont have FoC (yet) but i do have Dark of the Moon, Halo Reach and a few others. Get well soon my friend and take care, talk to you soon.
      hey man, S4daywalker is my XBL gamer tag and i have FOC,
      It would be cool to play. i also play Halo as well. Take care
    6. jgoss
      man i'm so sorry too hear that my family just went though a death in the family.it was my mil very sad i lost my mom too this month so this month sucks. hang in there and i hope there isn't too much clean up for you.
      til all are one!
    7. mandiprime97
      I haven't been on in a long time...obviously. I am well, how have you been? One of the reasons for me not being on here is my interest for Transformers has wound down a lot. But no worries, I plan to make a "comeback" to TFW2005. I hope you are doing well, you're in my thoughts friend.
    8. 13 Primes
      13 Primes
      Iv'e Been Doing good!, Thank You. :) and You?
    9. jgoss
      been ok sorry it took so long too answer back. as for the site try stylin online that would be your best bet. it sucks losing a loved i know just hang in there and if you need to talk let me know.take care
      'til all are one
      hey man,
      Just remeber to enjoy every day you have,
      Take care
    11. Dark Autobot
      Dark Autobot
      To all ....I been just living as much as I can traveling Bot-Con , Vegas, Milwaukee....trying to work hard and enjoy life....my Grandfather just passed a month ago and my father is doing okay for his liver situation....I pray all of you are fine....Til all are one....
    12. mandiprime97
      Hey bud,
      Haven't heard from ya in a while (I also haven't been on often until now..)!
      Hope you're doing alright, take care.
      Mandi Prime
    13. jgoss
      hi i talked to my dad last night and he's doing great he sounds like he's in good sprits. has an appointment on friday to see when he will start radiation and keymo(did i spell that right?) it's going to be tough but thanks for thinking of me and i hope your dad feels ok.i told him if he wanted to talk to call me and we would get together. it seens like everytime i turn around somebody i or my wife knows has cancer it sucks. again keep me updated on your dad and give you updates on mine. stay strong and till all are one.
    14. jgoss
      i know it stinks just look at the pats i was really bummed but i got a good feeling that they will be back next year. great to watch that dvd i was so happy that the saints won that year. also on a sad note i found out a coulpe weeks ago that my father has cancer don't know what type hopefully will find out next week.

      till all are one
    15. jgoss
      thats good to hear i'd like to see the saints and pats in the sb it would be a shootout. glad your dad likes the blu-ray and the saints. kep me posted take care
    16. jgoss
      glad to hear that your father is doing good. hey maybe the saints and the pats will meet on the sb wouldn't that be something. i was happy to see green bay lose. everything is good here. also just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and happy new year!
    17. jgoss
      hey how are you?
    18. jgoss
      thanks things are better i hope your dad is feeling better.
    19. jgoss
      we got 14 inches but 10 miles up the street gardner got 2 feet of snow!!damn
    20. jgoss
      hi hope things are good. if you been watching the news i bet you have seen the big snow strom that we got up here.
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