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Jul 24, 2014
Feb 28, 2011
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Jul 24, 2014
    1. pumpkingonzo
      Thanks for the compliment mate!
      The size of my custom Menasor fits my collection better.
      Yeah, the FP ones are far too small.
      Your Stunticons sound cool :)
    2. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      Totally agree with you regarding FP Stunticons.
      I was so excited when I first heard about their project.
      Turned out rather disappointing.
    3. optimusb1327
      Thanks man I appreciate it. I know some people can be real rude.
    4. Altercron
      Nope, someone did it for me, SmokescreenGT
    5. caked-up
      Sounds like a plan, but I need the link again. They were awesome, but I only stumbled upon it and never subscribed like I should have.
    6. simond
      Was me with the WST Donald Duck though. YouTube URL of the leapfrog? ;)
    7. simond
      Definitely not me, didn't even see it!
    8. simond
      Btw there's a WST Clampdown available now, I just won one on eBay...
    9. simond
      No, thought about it but never saw it cheap, I do have Metroplex though which makes up for it a bit :)
    10. BScorpinok75
      OK, the head does look good. That means I will likely be on the lookout for a Stockade head now.
    11. BScorpinok75
      I just recently decided to re-purpose him but it definetly works. You have a pic of him with the head.
    12. process
      I have no idea what makes you think that. :lol
    13. Goldlock
      :lol Oh god, now that's all i'm going to see when I look at my username! Thanks! :p
    14. Dansproject
      Good one! Thanks, I'll definitely have to snag me one of those.
    15. simond
      Soundblaster is on eBay now...
    16. simond
      Tracks is the main one I don't have yet so I'd welcome that. Scale doesn't mean that much to me with WST, I think it's mostly about how small the characters can be made. Just compare Optimus and Bumblebee :)
    17. simond
    18. Saberfrost01
      Minecraft is a Java coded Sandbox game by MOJANG.

      The player begins in a randomly generated world with the goal of surviving, building, crafting, mining. Mining and Crafting, hence the name Minecraft.

      At day all is calm and peaceful but by night hostile undead will spawn. The next day many of the hostiles will burn to death but 'creepers' won't. Creepers are an explosive green mob and the bane of many players of the game.

      But there's more :eek:
      If one goes to what the game calls the Nether (hell) you also have to face off with giant ghosts, Zombie-Pigmen and Creatures made of fire.

      There's also a place called quite litterally 'The End.' But as I've never made it to the end I couldn't tell you anything about it.

      Story-wise, there isn't one to Minecraft, as such the player is free to do as they wish. (including use it to make comics apparently :lol)

      Simple answer: It's a game that works through Java (which can't support advanced graphics) but makes the most of what it can do. That is why it looks older than it actully is.

      And there's the answer, although I may have gotten carried away.
      On a final note, The Game itself gets boring after awhile. (about 5 weeks of solid gameplay in my case)
    19. Saberfrost01
      I can tell you all about Minecraft if you want to understand Argentenoboy's new comic abit more. Just ask and you shall recieve the information you ask for.
    20. Insecticon
      Hails! Intense Baalism sounds amazing, thanks for the recommendation. There are a few bands I like in this genre. Unless you already know them, I recommend Behexen, Belphagor, and Von.

      Sorry about the late message, I just noticed I had a new PM XD
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