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    1. MrDarkSide
      Hello, someone mentioned you were able to locate shoulder replacement parts for FT-04 Scoria a year ago. Do you know of anywhere to still find those parts? Thank you for your time.
    2. Goosfraba

      Sorry to bother you but a friend of mine had an issue with Iceman, sent an e-mail and still hasn't got an answer. Since he doesn't have an account on this site he asked me to ask you directly about how does it usually take to get a response.

      Thank you and have a good day.
    3. Kernowduck
      I am sorry to bother you. I have just received Rouge in the post but the metal backpack armature was broken in transit or in packaging (the box and foam were fine but the metal part was broken) I was wondering if I can get a spare one (it is the left hand side if you face her) I can see a screw that would release the whole backpack on that side for replacement. I really appreciate your help with this, thank you.
    4. wings
      Hi there, sorry to bother you but I was just wondering if I could purchase a replacement part for the FT-05 Soar (I hope it's not too late)? While I was trying to replace the gold clips on its legs last night; I have accidentally cracked the right front thigh pieces. Would you still have these thigh pieces (for the right leg) available for purchase? Sorry for the inconvenience.
    5. blurr03
      hi. i just received a Cesium and he’s missing a part on his back. can i still get parts?
    6. tjb1989
      Hello. I have a FT Sheridan and one of the screws that attaches the arm assembly to the body is slightly stripped. I was wondering if you would be able to provide a replacement? I can provide a picture if needed. If it is easier to send a set of screws for the figure, I can do that as well. Thank you!
    7. Kelvin Johnson
      Kelvin Johnson
      Hello daliamjj I ordered a FT soar FT-05 and when it showed up the left arm (if facing in front of him)was broken off and I tried putting it back on with no success. Would you be able to replicate the arm? Would you be able to send replacement part for it?
    8. TheGeekyGreeky
      Hello, I was hoping to get 2 replacement parts that I need - a left hand for FT-07 Stomp and the sword for PF-01 Cesium. If you can help me out, please PM me whenever is convenient for you so that we can arrange payment and shipping. Much appreciated.
    9. AdamKindred
      Hi was referred to you because I need a couple of replacement parts. My Scoria sword is broken, and Soar has a broken wing base (the Inner part that holds them to the body) . How much would replacement parts be? Regards
    10. ihunz
      hi bro! still able to get grinder x variant g1 dino head? i also wanna get a g2 grinder box + styrofoam
    11. CoolerKing
      Hi dalianjj Could you plan to reissue Lupus, Insecticons and Dinobots?
      Many of S Korean fans want to reissue them.
    12. Tzvika
      Dear sir. Any chance you reisse any dinobots like PF-01x Cesiom EX version and FT-07 Stomp since meny people are waiting for them? Thanks
    13. Iron dibot
      Iron dibot
      Hey there. First and foremost, I hope you and the ones around you are safe in these weird times. Secondly, today I broke a finger of my PF Cesium's left hand when viewed from the front. I was wondering if there's any way to replace the hand and if so can you help me get it? Thanks in advance!
    14. RSMasterpiecefan
      Hello, I was wondering if the X chrome versions of the iron dibots are ever getting reissued. Thank you.
    15. Roboconsumer
      Dalianjj, I hope that you, your friends and family are safe and healthy in this difficult time!
    16. Tzvika
      say i have question. now when seeing Transformers on TV i had some thoughts how to create a look of Devastetor cartoon while keeping the Constracticons will stay as is. i believe they want to make it one day for us and as one who likes it to be as accurate as to the cartoon style how can i try to give them some ideas, anyone knows who to talk to there?
    17. Grifter Prime
      Grifter Prime
      Hey, I hope the scale chart I provided is helping, I would like to update you with a color chart for your continued projects.
    18. Aaronstampler
      Hey Dalian, can you confirm what the release order will be for the figures? Next is Jabber and after that Goose and after that I think is the metallic re-issue of Sovereign, and then I think Sheridan in February. Will there be any releases in January between Sovereign and Sheridan, like Chomp or possibly Magnum?
    19. ChromeMagnus
      Hi dalianjj. Your inbox is full. You'll need to delete some old messages so others can reach you. Thanks.
    20. Goosfraba
      Sorry to bother you but does Chomp have a release date? Thank you for your time.
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