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Autistic bastard.

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May 4, 2013
    1. Biofan813
      Hey man. Hows it going?
    2. cagliostro
      So I see your account is still active. Now check out the Battlefield 3 thread.
    3. kraven
      Thanks for taking the time to help me out with my questions. :)
    4. DaggersRage
      More worked related rant bullshit.

      So this customer has a problem with the napster software that needs fixing, fine. I'm paid to fix it, so here we go to fix it. It's hard to explain at all the stuff that goes on with how the program works, but to sum up. We have special programs that we run to help whatever issue a customer may have, the thing is that most of these programs wont work if the napster software is running. So, I give directions each time to the customer on how to shut down the software and the customer says he does the thing. Basically, I tell him to click on a bar that says "My Account" and then click "Exit". EASY!

      He tells me last minute that whenever the software's problem appears, he says he cant close the screen that gives the error so he shuts down napster through the task manager. So an hour later in this technical call, he tells me that! The napster software doesnt fully shut down when that happens, and every time we got the error that shows up on screen, I told him to click "My Account" and "exit", thus making me think that the software shut down properly! I'll even ask, "is napster closed" and he replies "Yes". Well, it's closed down, EXCEPT YOU FUCKEN DID IT WRONG!

      So I spend an hour on this call when the problem could have been resolved in 5 minutes if he only told me at how he was shutting down the program, because I even have methods of fixing the problem when that kind of circumstance comes up, but now I have to schedule a call back so one of my co-workers have to deal with this shit. At least I left instructions for the next agent on what to do. I estimate that it'll take about 10 minutes.

      Now my friggen hands are twitching and I get them to stop. I think that's because of the 1 leiter of Moutain Dew I've been drinking, and skipping breakfast (bad combo folks) but I noticed my hands twitched the moment the guy gave me his hour late news.

      By the way, Assassin's Creed 2's ending is amazing and looking forward to the 3rd game!
    5. DaggersRage
      Rant warning to myself!

      I fucken hate working on Saturdays for Napster. There's about 4 guys (me included) who're the only people answering the phone and some jackass always calls out sick or something, so there's actually only 3 people working! Next up is that this stupid bitch is a few cubicles away from me who fucken doesn't answer calls, walks away from her desk to chat with some people on another account and is slow as hell when handling her calls.

      What's more to add is that when this dumb ho' transfers any technical calls to me (this is during the week, we dont have tech support on the weekend) she always gives me misleading information!!! She never really pays attention what sort of trouble the customer has so I have to ask the poor sap on the other line to start over and explain what their problem is... again! Which this adds roughly 5 to 10 minutes of gathering information on what his problem could be as well as what sort of things his computer has! By the way, I'm suppose to finish my technical support calls in under 15 minutes.

      I dont know why she is still working here, probably because she is butt buddies (I'm being harsh here) with one of the other supervisors (who is also female by the way).

      So there's really only 2 guys (me and someone else) who's getting work done and the other guy is actually a part of the e-mail team so he isnt on the phone all the because he has to catch up to all the emails we get for various things! So that really only brings it down to just me who is handing all the calls!

      At least I leave early on Saturdays so that dumb bitch can start taking all the calls for her last two hours of the day. I get the last laugh here, BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      That's kind of exasuting typing in all those H's and A's.

      EDIT: HOLY SHIT! The dumb 'ho walked away again for a "walking break". I'm pretty sure no one is scheduled for a break at this time, plus it's been over 10 minutes, which is length of a break people can have over here.
    6. DWN013
      YouTube - Wings Of The Red Star Mig 25 Part 4/5

      Thorough rundown on the MiG-25 and MiG-31.
    7. $shockwave$
    8. $shockwave$
      Your avatar is sexy.
    9. swampert123
      I realy like that avatar you got
    10. Mechafire
      Thanks a ton for helping me get Living Dead. :thumb
    11. Mechafire
      Okay, I haven't visited here in a while, but I had to :lol at that.
    12. DaggersRage
      Eeeew grose, you got that? Ugh, keep it off my side of the profile please. :D
    13. Mechafire
      Yup, but I am changing it to Mechafire once Microshit fixes my fucking RROD... :mad
    14. DaggersRage
      Hey! Thanks for the comment, the creator however is Maximus_Prime. It's all his fault I got this umber awsum avatar.
    15. PyroniusRex
      Awesome avatar.
    16. DaggersRage
      *singing* Do da do da bo. Posting on my page,
      Yes sir, my page.
      The page that has my stuff on hit, it's not much, but it's enough.

      Do da do da bo.

      Nothing else, going on.
      Maybe I'll just stop.

      Do da do da bo.
    17. DaggersRage
      Check check! Uhm. Stuff!
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