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Aug 10, 2015
Mar 25, 2011
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Dadimus Prime


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Aug 10, 2015
    1. Mousesi2k
      Yooooooo! What up man. Been awhile since I've seen you around haha. Quick question for you. You think scion dude has any mp-10 still? Never was able to track one down.
    2. Mousesi2k
      Hey man, how you been? Havent heard from you in awhile. Probley all he newlywed business huh! Hope all is well bromanchu!
    3. cliffjumperftw1
      Hey are you looking for a prid rumble? I saw one at the OC swap meet earlier.
    4. Mousesi2k
      Lemme know when your able to meet up so you can pick up these things:

      Dono what the fuck is going on that its posting sideways.... click to enlarge


      (Prefer Riverside TRU again if your cool with that. That way its pretty much in the middle for me and hopefully you)
    5. Mousesi2k
      Update on progress. Still much to do and disassemble but its coming along.
    6. Mousesi2k
      Thanks again for the Jethicon deal man! They are pretty sweet!! And your project is under way and I hope to get it cleaner then mine.
    7. amproadbuster88
      I'm in Brea, I see your in the IE? I used too live there for about 11 years.
    8. amproadbuster88
      Hello So Cal friend! Haha :D
    9. Mousesi2k
      Watch this if you havent already! Damm they look badass bro! Cant f'in wait!!!

      Takara-Tomy AM-16 - JET VEHICON - YouTube
    10. Mousesi2k
      Any news on our order? Don't mean to be a pest but TA says they are instock!
    11. Mousesi2k
      I should be able to do another TC if your able to find another FE Scream at a decent price. I used the Takara FE Scream for my TC. Felt the colors were a little better. Basically, the Takara version has darker colors and just looked to suit TC better the Scream.

      *pic for example* * if i remember correctly, i painted just the blue / red / yellow and maybe a tiny tiny bit of silver / black*


      Also about the SDCC stuff, I'd love to get my hands on a few things just dont have the funds to do so right now. My truck registration is due in AUG and is just about $400 x_x. Also trying to pick up a PS3 along with the Fall of Cybertron game. So im gonna have to pass on them unfortuneatly.
    12. Mousesi2k
      Any word on our order shipping? See alot of places have them instock and shipping now! Starting to get excited lol!
    13. Thalack
      Thanks again for the hook up. This Bruticus is awesome.

      Is there anything special your son is looking for, I'll see if I can't hunt something down.
    14. Mousesi2k
      Ill get back to you on the stuff!
    15. Thalack
      Hey dude, any word on what time the meet is tomorrow?
    16. Mousesi2k
      YO! Found FOC Shockwave yesterday! Have him set up with the Prime figs and must say, he fits in well!
    17. Thalack
      cliffjumper, stupid spell check on this tablet
    18. Thalack
      if I can get in quick enough when it goes up, I'll grab an extra bruticus and cliffhanger for you
    19. Thalack
      you after bruticus only or cliffjumper as well?
    20. Mousesi2k
      Forgot to mention, if you can still get Shockwave, id def take it off your hands! lemme know
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