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Jun 5, 2011
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Your mom is an oversized CHUG, Male, from Las Vegas, Nevada

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Viewing thread Fans Hobby MB-06 Power Baser (Power Master OP), Dec 8, 2019 at 9:13 AM
    1. GoLion
      How is Vegas? I'm probably going to movie out that way in the next year. Is transformer hunting good?
      1. daddytron
        Probably better than the average. We're close to the West Coast so we get stuff fairly fast. Retail is pretty much a mess everywhere so we get plenty of dry spells where no stores are restocking anything, but I read so,e horror stories from other places and we're a little better off than some places. There's a few good stores for vintage and secondary market stuff too.
        Jul 23, 2017
    2. Eurobeatking
      Sorry man,I left late thursday night and most of the stores I stopped in didnt have him. If I would of got this notice just a day sooner I would of stopped by and got him. Appreciate the help tho :)
    3. Fallout
      hey, you wouldn't be willing to piece out your herc, would you? i just need hook haha
    4. Buk Lau
      Buk Lau
      No worries. It's fine. ;)
    5. TheDemonDzko
      Man. I have photoshop, and it is still never right...

      =O I wish they would just let me donate!!!
    6. TheDemonDzko
      You're sig is my life story.
    7. Belgrath
      Nope. In fact, I got that name off some player during the Team Fortress (you know, the multiplayer mod for Quake) days in '98.

      Thanks for asking.
    8. xaviercal
      great seller. thank you very much!
    9. Xzbit
      Mp-13 is nice n well worth the price.This dude on boards wants to trade my mp red alert n tru thundercracker for a tru grimlock n I think I'm going to do it.I just got red alert too but I think I can still get him for $90 n my thundercracker was an extra I got when I bought Hercules.
    10. Autobot Dave
      Autobot Dave
      No prob, sir. Honestly, you seem to be here for the same reasons I am: 1) Enjoy the hobby, and 2) Help out when you can.

      Keep up the awesome! :rock
    11. Big_Daddy
      Thanks man :)
    12. Drekar
      Aye good meetin you too man sorry the optimus was a bell end
    13. daddytron
      No problem. Anytime. My son talked me into GDO Megatron today. He is pretty cool.
    14. patch4242
      I meant to thank you again for grabbing him for me. I really appreciate it!
    15. patch4242
      Nice meeting you too. Thanks for grabbing a Vehicon for me! No worries, I can always come to you or we can meet somewhere in the middle. Hope you and yours are happy and stay that way. Cheers!
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