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Sep 9, 2011
    1. Starscreamer69
      Yeah, that is true, I know the feeling!
      I did have fun, thanks. Good to know you're doing well. I'm still brainstorming a scenario with Sideswipe in it for you, don't worry, I haven't forgotten :D
    2. Dabbido
      @NIBMRatchet: thanks again! :) it wasnt much of a find though ^^U
    3. SilverOptimus
      No problem. :) You deserve it. Thanks again! Good find. :thumbs2:
    4. Dabbido
      @Starscreamer69: Its just that it is so easy to get ignored, most of the time your posts will be ignored, specially since Im not well known here xD I see... did you have fun? ^^ Im good thanks.
    5. Starscreamer69
      Of course I'd reply your post, dude :)
      Sorry for the late reply, I've been at a mates house for the last 2 days, haven't had a chance to come online. How's it going?
    6. Dabbido
      Wow eagc7!!! somos del mismo pais!!! aqui si hay bastantes fans de transformers, pero que bueno ver uno en el foro de TFW2005!
    7. eagc7
      Parece Que Ninguno de los 2 Va a Conseguir Transformers: Generations y Reveal the Shield

      Gracias por su mensaje. Desafortunadamente, los productos "Reveal the Shield" y "Generations" no serán vendidos en Guatemala. Sin embargo, durante los primeros 6 meses del año continuaremos ofreciendo la línea de productos "Autobot Alliance", que forman parte de la promoción "Hunt for the Decepticons". También estaremos ofreciendo los productos "Combiners". Estos productos los podrás conseguir en jugueterías o hipermercados del país.

      Nuevamente, gracias por su mensaje y por su lealtad a la marca Transformers.


      Equipo Hasbro LATAM
    8. Dabbido
      Thanks bro! yeah I thought of that even before posting it. thanks for your support =P
    9. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Hey man. Ignore your intro thread, most of those members will do that kind of things.

      Jerks. :lol
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