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Oct 24, 2023
Oct 26, 2006
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Oct 24, 2023
    1. KingMegatron632
      I'm a supporter of the Megatron Truce and you're right about what you said in the thread about Megatron, The Movie one that is.
    2. BooyakaDragon
      What's the minecraft server ip?
    3. Saberfrost01
      Cyber, I know I've never contacted you before and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but someone needs to make you aware that the minecrft server has been Hijacked by a user called "ThatRandomdude". It will need to be shut down complelty.

      I'm just hoping you are the same 'Cyber' that Ranger was reffering to.
    4. Transtech
      Hay Cyberwolf. There's a petition for Transtech if you wouldn't mind to sign. I would love to have you aboard for this because your stroy is amazing. If they were to bring transtech to life in 2010 after animated ends I would love for this stroy to be apart of Transtech history. There is also a myspace page dedicated to Transtech. That's where you can find the link to the petition. Just look it up if you have time and hopfully you'll sign the petition. Thanks alot
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