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Aug 30, 2009
Sep 25, 2002
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Aug 30, 2009
    1. Cyber_Tronian
      I have copies, its all good.
    2. Whalemusic360
      Do you have copys that i can install or do i need to buy said games?
    3. Cyber_Tronian
      We play several games. We mostly play Warhammer Dawn of War, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, and Call of Duty World at War. We play usually on the last Saturday of every month. Yeah It was fun hanging out, well do it again sometime soon I am sure.
    4. Whalemusic360
      Hey dude, hope you had fun on Saturday, it was cool meeting other people who are into Transformers too! what did you say the game you lan is? i wanna see if my laptop would handle it or if I would have to use my pc
    5. Cyber_Tronian
      Thanks for the info, Ill be calling ya.
    6. Whalemusic360
      It looks like i'll be free sat afternoon and night. Any special Figures u want me to bring with me? I have several of AX23s and Sabrina Ng (Sabbysab85 on here i think) figures and hopefully one of Rumble02's obliticons by then. I'm PMing you my cell number too
    7. Whalemusic360
      I dont think so, any time in specific?
    8. YakMaster003
      Sup, Jamie? Have a good flight back from BotCon? Where'd you end up putting MP Grimlock? Gotta love the quote Gregg Berger used. Take care, man.

    9. Cyber_Tronian
      Cool that sounds awesome. I am not that into customs to purchase but I love to see them so you caught my interest :) You busy this weekend?

    10. Whalemusic360
      np. Glad you had fun. we have to meet up some time, id love to see your collection, and I could bring some of mine that are some pretty cool customs (AX23's Galvitron Prime?).
    11. Cyber_Tronian
      Sorry never got your message. What a con this year!
    12. Whalemusic360
      Hey i know i said nvm on picking something up, but if you do run into AutoboxX23 (his photo is on his profile) and you happen to get this, he has a box for me. if not thats cool he said he could just ship it out.
    13. Cyber_Tronian
      Cool I will thanks a lot :)
    14. Whalemusic360
      They acutally showed up in the mail yesterday! i guess the postman finally figured it out. You may still want to check out his Botcon custom entry though, its gonna rock pretty hard.
    15. Cyber_Tronian
      Sure I can meet up with him. I do not know him but I would be happy to help out. My only problem is the amount of things, due to me flying out there I am limited in my space.
    16. Whalemusic360
      Would you be able to pick up some customs from autobotx23 for me from botcon? We've been having a hard time with the Usps delivering them. Also, I have a friend going to japan in June and he said he would pick up some figs for me if u want anything.
    17. Whalemusic360
      Cool, let me see how much money i can get together before you go. I would love to get some of the loose botcon figs (if you could find them) without haveing to pay twice as much at bbts or the like. The only fig I'm trying to get right now is Sabrina Ng's Mirage. I have 4 others and really like this one too.
    18. Cyber_Tronian
      Well if you need something from there let me know, I can meet up with ya to get it to ya whe nI return. And yeah, I am going to be in debt when I return, looking forward to the trip never been to Cali before.
    19. Whalemusic360
      Im in New Phila, bout 30 min south of canton
      No, I don't have the money for the plane tickets/hotel, im bummed. Im deff going next year regardless of where it is
    20. Cyber_Tronian
      Where ya live, and you going to Botcon this year? I am :)
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